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  • Age: 25
  • Joined: November 2012

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Suppress them All Suppress one thing / So suppress them all / Suffer in silence / Because your problems belong to you / And no one else will ever get through… Trapped in a Broken Heart Locked in a tower where no light can escape / She takes a knife to her wrist and seduces fate / In her own space the scream has nowhere to … Somewhere, Somehow I Will Wander Wandering along in the darkness of life / I spy a green so intense, that I call it black / And unaware of my mistake, I wander on without l… More than Just an Abandoned House The abandoned house that sits on my street / Is attracting more things with Earth’s heartbeat / Despite their potential to be reused … Love’s Wants and Abilities Thoughts of you swirl within her head / As by herself she lays down in bed / She hopes that tonight she will dream of you / But if she can … I’m Your Disappointment When you failed to open my eyes, to living your ideals / You burdened me with hurt, and all that insecurity feels / You tried to make me se… I Want to Escape Feeling overwhelmed I wanted to escape / Turn my back and close my eyes / Just for a little while / But how do you close your eyes on yours… Grave in the Snow In weariness I sit alone / My back resting upon a tree / Watching the whites and pale blues / That threaten to devour me / A gentle breez… Denying Heartache The tears I cry are a heartache / A heartache trapped within my eyes / Sometimes I cannot help but to break / But tonight all emotion dies … Dear Amber We followed you home throwing rocks at your feet / We attacked you with words, we weren’t very discreet / But you have no idea who fo… Could We Remember A fast food joint where the service is slow / A place for children where the mood is low / A deceptive environment in which to grow old / I… Dunes to Conquer by MissResin