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My life is exhausting and busy and full of little bodies running around. I never get enough sleep and the house is usually pretty good at being messy.
HOWEVER, I would not change it for one thing in the world! I am in love with my husband who adores me (if thats ok to say! Ha ha),
I have 5 little kids who make me laugh more, cry harder, love bigger, smile greater and know joy in a way I never knew was possible.
I have a God who thinks I was worth dying for.
I have a family and friends who think I am worth living along side!
And I have the fortune of spending wedding after wedding with people who trust me to capture there amazingly important day!
I DO love my life!

  • Age: 37
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Birth Slideshow!!!

Hi everyone! Instead of posting 1000 photos from this, I thought I would just share my video! / www.momentsintimemn.com/Pearl / Enjoy! =)
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PLEASE PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!! I could win $1000

So I need you to please go to http://www.5minutesformom.com/3364/mothers-day-photo-finalists/ / and vote for my photo (bill miss and brood). / Its a competition of what motherhood is to me…they narrowed it down to 15 and I am in that 15! But, now the voting is up to everyone else…I would SOO appreciate you voting for me! =) THANKS!!!
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I love this new feature of replying to something someone has said on a photo…but everytime I try to reply it brings me to my “page”…what is going on??!!
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YEAH!! Trigg Favre Schaefer completed our family on 2/2/08. We are doing GREAT!! I will be posting pictures soon!! =) / Melissa
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