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Laura Robson

Laura Robson

Joined November 2012

Hi, I’m Laura, also known as Missy by my friends. I finished college 4 years ago where I studied photography. I’ve tried all forms of media with varying success, hopefully some that I’ll be brave enough to share on here sometime soon! I’m not the greatest at what I do, but I do try and have a real passion which drives me on.

I also have a passion for painting and watercolors. I’ve been fascinated by the various watercolours from the far east and like to try my hand at new styles and keep things interesting as I go – I have a short attention span. In my spare time I like to play a lot of bingo! It’s not the best of pastimes but it’s one of my only real outlets and seems to give me time to be creative and get the juices flowing, especially if I have a good win. I’m always looking out for bonus codes so if you know of one then feel free to let me know. Anyway, I’m rambling, hopefully I’ll feature some stuff here soon enough and become a more well known part of the community.

  • Joined: November 2012