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It always seemed as though the world not the same
though she knew nothing had changed
despite how she felt inside
her voice was shaking despite all her efforts to control it
and the pain that she felt slowly fade away
it’s all state of her mind
she couldn’t leave it all behind
Running backwards to the edge,
Things she doesn’t dare to confess
he has locked her secrets in a blind spell…

she forget to lock the door of her thoughts behind him
time was precious, it has worthwhile
she couldn’t have chosen a different path in life
the smile on her face made it all worthwhile
She was deceiving herself she was thinking he’ll never change his heart and mind
and now her smile faded
All other issues fade into insignificance compared with the struggle for survival
Hopes of reaching an agreement seem to be fading away
She has a remarkable inner strength
She didn’t have the strength to walk any further
she was floating away

‘’ I like you.’’
‘’ I like you, and that’s.. I’ m trying to right with it.’’

’’That’s terrifies me.‘’
’’i know many of the persons were captured and tortured by love.‘’
’’A relationship based on trust ‘’
’’I know it has taken years to earn their trust.‘’
’’I agreed but if you put your trust in me, I will not let you down. I will not betray your trust ’’

She nodded. "No, I’m not! I can’t rely on it. It’s why he left. It is widely known that I was only trying to make him my human Angel…and when I admitted to myself he never could be, I loved him and i couldn’t pushed him away.‘’
“Well, if that’s the case, I can do understand your feeling its not easy thou."

The short command only strengthened his anger. “Are you doing’ this to torture me?”

Her eyes were desperate. " please," she pleaded. “I know this is hard—”

“Yeah. I’m getting the full of your understanding.”
‘’I know what it’s like," he said.
“I fought loving you with everything I am.”

You’re right," she whispered,
These weren’t words the she said often, and never to him.There was a deafening silence. Her lips clamped tightly together.
“I’m not. And I haven’t been for…I knew it. I knew it when I met with an Angel.” She lapsed into silence again.

‘I understand cuase I hurt the person that I loved, and she hurt me, but it still made me collapse the first time i heard it when she was singing the song of love and I fell for her , and i still care and love for her but she believes i lied and used her from the beginning. i made a mistake and destroyed every bit of the relationship we had……’’ He breathed deeply before speaking again.

‘’Either way, I’ll stop rambling, now i realize love is a beautiful, powerful thing that stands on its own without any need to reference any third party.‘’
he was saying more but she wasn’t listening to him.

Her trust in him was unfounded
her eyes misted over as she listened to the memories
It may sound like a fantasy sequel, but I’ve had dreams where I met the ‘one’ and daytime flashes where I saw and feel someone that isn’t there!
many thoughts suddenly floated into her mind
through the mist sees the face
of an angel who called her name
she was lost in the mists of time
it narrated her dreams
all the whispers were so cleared
his voice faded to a whisper
‘’You took my heart away and I couldn’t resist the temptation to hold you. maybe you don’t know that but it’s true, I couldn’t resist the temptation to love you!"
‘’I want you to breathe in and hold your breath for as long as possible. ’’

‘’You are filling my eyes with dreams." she whispered
’’and I wished they’d turn into real.’’
“The promise,” he said. “To protect you and your every dream become true.”

’’I know You did."
“I wanted it to be right with rely” she continued softly
“I noticed.” his voice faint in a murmured.

‘’It makes my heart ache to see suffer you.’’
she smiled. “I said there would be things you wouldn’t like.‘’
’’It’s all right,” he said, waving evasively
“you’re an angel and so honest. you tore my heart out. Not only that, you gave me a how to guide on how to keep it from happening.” she was now being evasive in the extreme.
“Not as well as but i can understand your feeling its not easy to believe how an angel could love to human but it’s true. I have fallen for you.‘’
’’Did it really happen or did I just dream it?” she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply.
‘’ I think the sun rises in your eyes and sets on your face.’‘His voice dropped to a whisper.
" I’m not showing a lack of feeling but there’s a part of me detached from others," she said. “I really don’t think…no, I know normal…well, what you said is true.” She took a deep breath.
“You’re built for love.‘’
’’Do you have to be so cynical about everything? ‘’ he asked
’’I’m a bit cynical about the treasure of the love. I do believe love is a gift from God.‘’
“And love is you.” her eyes flickered.
’’so are you!", A smile flickered across his face
“You don’t believe that living in this world without you in it
Walking’ by empty heart and soul in the empty world..’’

‘’believe me --’’
‘’ I do.’’Her trusting smile melted his heart.

He gazed deep into her eyes.
‘’if you know that deep down, you know your true feelings about love, although you may not admit them to yourself…. deep down I love you".he was murmuring in her ear.
but one day there were dark clouds overhead promising rain
’’I’ll be back soon,’’he promised.

but things are different afterwards.—
he alone made the decision
She felt no remorse cause she still remember
But she wanted to ask ‘’What was the reason?’’
‘’ Why he gone?’’
he broke a promise and made her realize
It was all just a lie
she couldn’t find why he has chosen a different path in life
where has all the magic gone
lost behind or lost along
all my demons cast a spell
the souls of dusk rising from the ashes

I had lived my life in shadow
And now never the sun on my face
I’m still under your spell
How else could it be
Nobody would notice me?
It’s magic of love, I can tell

he have gone and closed the door behind him
so many questions she has and there’s is no reply she could get
She walked around in a dream all day.—
she has been so alone since he went away.

“You just have taken my soul with you
You worked your charm so well
Finally, I knew
Everything I dreamed was true
You made me believe

And I saw the angel’s spark,
I know, It’ll lead me to your door
and I’ll knock on the door down to get in.


Mishaal  Sardar

Joined January 2008

  • Artist
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Artist's Description

Jared Revell thank you so much for the beautiful piece of art ..Temptation!!

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