Religion attempts to make God into a machine

Organized religion, is not the Voice of The Almighty! But religion has usurped His Word, irreverently reducing it to dogma and traditions. Religion has attempted to take Christ’s Lordship, and mold Him into some man-made god to please the people. JESUS is not some sideshow. HE is not some form of entertainment in order to fill the pews. Don’t pigeonhole Jesus! HE is Heaven’s Glory! I see religion making God into a machine, with cogs and wheels, into a factory for profit, irreverently creating clones of people who go into these cathedrals and church buildings! Lifting mechanized prayers, repeating the same words, making less of His Holiness. There is no reverance and awe, but re-gurgitated worship, it seems. Has our worship become so stale, so forced, that we unwillingly give it? God is not a machine, He desires repentance, brokenness and tears. He wants to hear individual voices of praise and prayer. Pour out conversation as to a friend, as a child to a father. He wants intimacy, pressing on Him, not aloof hearts, nor knees bended from ritual or form. Don’t give The Lord form, or politeness, give Him your mucous that comes from a heart rended and sick of itself. HE would rather see ugly mascara run dry, mucous on the carpet, and words choking on themselves from a heart that is seeking. He wants you to ask The Holy Spirit for guidance when you cannot pray on your own. But please don’t make God into a gesture, a formless Spirit whose relegated to the clouds as “the man upstairs”, or “the higher power”. He is JESUS, THE GREAT I AM, HE IS ABBA FATHER, HE IS THE HOLY SPIRIT, HE IS LOVE AND MERCY, GREAT TENDERNESS, HE IS PEACE AND JOY, but He is not words on a paper, He is not 5 Our Fathers, He does not stay in the “church”, while you go out into the world. HE goes with you wherever you are, He dwells with you, whatever you watch, you subject His Holiness to crudeness and vulgarity. HE has feelings, HE grieves when you desire less than Holiness. HE is not appeased with your works that are disingenuous, works done to please the world. HE dwells in the secret place. Let Him dwell in the inner mind, where your deepest thoughts are created. Give Him your creativity, your passions, let Him guide Your words, Your drawings. Your talents belong to Him, give them back to Him as Praise and Worship! HE is to be approached in everything you do, don’t leave Him out of your decisions, or your thoughts. HE is not steel or wood, or ivory, HE is Real, He is Alive, He is not a machine! Don’t treat Him as you would your car or your things. Many of us, treat our things better than we treat The Lord. We give more of our heart to sports or hobbies or work. JESUS weeps, HE is not a stoic. Our rebellion breaks His Heart. HE is our Father. Respect Him and Obey Him as you would your own fathers. Only He deserves more Respect and Honour. He is our God. Religion shrinks the size of God. It makes Him seem indifferent, religion gives reverance to earthly men, rather than to God. Don’t take His Glory from Him! You can’t. Don’t make God into your image. HE is not crude. When you speak His Name, speak it with reverance and love, great affection and praise. Don’t take His Holy Name in vain. Then don’t use it. Then don’t pray. Only don’t hurt Him! Haven’t we spent enough years hurting our Lord? My prayer, treat God with the utmost of love, give Him concern, and regard. Don’t dismiss Him, to the basement of your homes, let Him be The Glory of your homes, give The Lord every room of your life. Give your family as sweet smelling aroma, be living sacrifices, to The Glory of God! Become involved in your prayers, HE is not a machine, not a computer in Heaven, nor a genie. Praying is a priviledge, a joy, an intimacy, not a shopping list. HE hears, His Heart becomes involved to a heart that opens itself and is vulnerable. JESUS gave His Flesh, was humiliated, and pierced, He bled out for a sinful mankind, whose reaction was to spit into His open wounds. HE is not a machine, HE gave you a Heart of Flesh, HE took out the heart of stone. Organized religion does not save you. The Grace of God does! Organized religion forces everyone into a mold. Our Father gave each one of us a unique personality to share in His Intimacy. Get to know The Lord, by not taking His Indwelling Spirit for granted! JESUS is not a machine, no machine could ever shed HIS BLOOD. Don’t worship the dogmas of religious rhetoric. There is not a form to follow God. The Holy Spirit wants to sing inside of each one of us. He wants to bring Glory to God through us! Discard religion, and let The Holy Spirit bring you into The Throne Room of God. Let Him bring you to The Feet of Jesus on The Throne! See for yourselves that Almighty God is Real and Alive! See The Truth, no religion will ever breathe life into any believer! JESUS is knocking on the doors of your hearts, will you invite Him to sup with you, or is your religion all you really want?

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Religion attempts to make God into a machine by 

O’ my Dove, in the Clefts of The Rocks,
In the secret places of the Cliff,
Let me see Your Face,
Let me hear Your Voice;
For Your Voice is Sweet,
And Your Face is Lovely."
(Song of Soloman 2:14)


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I am a servant of The Lord Jesus Christ. He is my Saviour and Lord. I am also a Christian mother who loves The Lord Jesus Christ. My writings are for His Glory. i belong to Him, and it is for Him, that i live. I honor the life God has created.

Exalt The Lord our God,
And worship at His footstool-
He is Holy!
(Psalm 99:5)
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  • vigor
    vigorover 2 years ago

    Christ came to save the sinner, those who turned and repented of their sins. The church is suppose to be the body of Christ, it’s not a building where we go to every Sunday for an hour or two and then leave to live in the world for the rest of the week. The church can not make someone worthy of the Lord. Christ gave his warnings to the Pharisees, those religious leaders who were hypocrites. Christ did not give His life for religion, He gave it for a relationship. Christ died for one true religion…HIS! It’s sad that we who call ourselves Christians can’t agree or get along because of differences in man-made doctrines. I say look to the God breathed truth of Scripture, and hear what the Lord doth say. But so many don’t because it is asking too much of them, it isn’t appealing to consider yourself to be obedient and follow Him like a sheep, which is equaled to stupidity. If only the human mind could stop trying to figure this all out and allow the Holy Spirit to teach them the truth, they would understand that being a sheep that hears its Master’s voice doesn’t make them stupid! It’s a term of endearment and I am proud to be one of them. I choose to follow Christ, no matter what else a certain religion or doctrine may try to convince me otherwise to be right. My teacher is the Holy Spirit, He has the mind of God, He can speak for me when I have no words to say. He gives me utterance in a heavenly language that edifies and knows just what needs to be said when I don’t. There is so much division in the Church body of Christ because of misinterpretation and taking His Word out of context or not rightly dividing it and it causes confusion and fear, which is how the enemy is attacking God’s people. Please wake up and hear Jesus, He gave us all a ministry of reconciliation, not to disagree. He is love, we need to show that love to others and not argue over who’s beliefs are right or wrong. It’s not about us at all, it’s all about Him and that is where we have gone astray. May we look unto the hills from where our salvation comes, may we look unto Jesus!!!

  • AMEN! Vivian, we must follow Christ and only Christ! I have left so many “churches” because I wanted to follow The Lord Jesus! The Holy Spirit led me out of so many denominations! Some I stayed for a few years, because of the people I came to love, but in the end, God would move me somewhere else. Our life’s blood comes from God’s life’s blood The Lord Jesus who shed His Blood to give us life! Everything is JESUS AND ONLY JESUS! IT is The Holy Spirit speaking to us, leading, prodding, prompting, guiding teaching! If men do not teach The Truth, are not Spirit-filled it becomes evident. People stay, the way I stayed, but it is evident, that The sheep cannot be fed where they are at. So, Christ, who is The Shepherd takes us out to different pastures, to feed us, feeds through radio ministries, through dreams, through HIS WORD first and foremost…. But, religion does not teach people how to worship! It is The Holy Spirit, and if people are not Spirit-filled, in some cases even possess The Holy Spirit it becomes evident! ALL GLORY ONLY TO JESUS CHRIST! No denomination can ever give what our Lord gives to us True Nourishment! Beware denominations that place themselves above The Authority of Jesus Christ! When people would rather wear the badge of some cheap religion rather than The Blood of Christ over their hearts, rather than give honor to The Holy Spirit, rather than lift up our Lord and Saviour who died to lead us to The Father! Father, Son and Holy Spirit, not doctrine, not man’s leadership! GIVE ME CHRIST! I will not wear the badge of some cheap religion over my heart! My heart and soul belongs to JESUS CHRIST!!!!!

    – Matty B. Duran

  • sarnia2
    sarnia2over 2 years ago

    Ah! O taste and see that the Lord is good. He is not away somewhere beyong the reach of our hearts. He is ready to come into our hearts if we will receive Him and be with us wherever we go, whatever we do….
    Relkigion doesn’t make a relatiosnhip…but God through Jesus does!
    A very interesting and very thought provoking write-up and one that will make us really consdier whether we have ‘religious’ heart or a heart that knows ‘relationship!’

  • Yes, Angie! "The Lord is Good! Only Jesus Christ! I know the world teaches religion, following some form makes you good and acceptable to God! Even though the doctrine may be right, it is evident that the people who attend some “churches” are not really worshiping the Lord with all of their heart and soul! It is evident, that it is mechanized and not real! I have had trouble finding a place where God is truly honoured as our Lord! Jesus gave so much for us! It cost Him everything! The people who attend places of worship want to give Him as little as they possibly can! I am not meaning to judge! But God said in His Word, “Judgment first begins at The House of God.” If people are going to call themselves Christian, then we can check to see if we are in the Faith of Jesus Christ, and not Catholics or Baptists. I abhor it when people name their denominations with pride and arrogance! No denomination is above The Lord Jesus! We Belong to Christ! This is worship! I never call myself religious. I hate it when people call me religious! I am in-love with The Lord Jesus! I am in a love relationship with my God! The Holy Spirit brings me to worship and is teaching me to come in humility to bow low before my King and Saviour! HE IS GOD, treat Him with fear, awe and reverance!

    – Matty B. Duran

  • leapdaybride
    leapdaybrideabout 2 years ago

    Thank you ♥

  • Thank-you leapdaybride for reading this! Religion is an irritation to me. Because it has become so mechanized, cheap, and a show! Men using The Lord’s Name in vain, for their own purposes, which have nothing to do with honouring God, nor honoring Him as Christ and King! It has nothing to do with the transformation of the soul, by the indwelling Holy Spirit. This is the only way man can change by The Spirit of Christ!

    But you are not in the flesh but in The Spirit,
    if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. Now
    if anyone does not have The Spirit of Christ,
    he is not His."
    (Romans 8:9)

    – Matty B. Duran

  • Jennifer Rhoades
    Jennifer Rhoadesabout 2 years ago

    Oh what a Mary you are and not a Martha! I feel woozy after reading this—so much passion. Thank you for the smack I needed. My need is once again exposed and I am grateful. How horrible to treat God like some cosmic vending machine—if I put in the right series of change and punch the right button, then I’ll get what I want. Instead of what I need. Which is Him. Always, over and over, just Him.

  • Thank-you Glitterfest for reading this piece. I feel as you do, that God is not some cosmic vending machine. God is not some genie. We use prayers as wishes. This is not why we pray. Supplication is all well and good. But, it must not be all just one-sided. Prayers are not just about “me”, and about what I need, and getting my needs met. It is about honoring and praising our Lord for all that He is. Although, we can never know Him for all that He Is, we can give Him honor and praise, and worship! In some of the place of worship, I have been to, there is no sense of worship! Oh there are plenty of songs and hymns, but there is no passion! When God pours His Spirit, when there is Spirit-filled praise, adoration and worship going on, I know the House would come down, His Presence would be felt, and it would be truly and totally amazing! Thank-you! I also need to check myself and not let my prayers and praise, and worship become just routine, like checking off some list! It must be heart and soul! Total surrender, not caring about dignity, but just total abandon! Our Lord Jesus abandoned Himself for us, let men take dignity in the hours He was crucified! Can we give anything less, but our utmost of worship?

    – Matty B. Duran

  • leapdaybride
    leapdaybrideabout 2 years ago

  • Thank-you leapdaybride. JESUS IS THE LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS! My prayer is that everyone come into THE LIGHT OF HIS GLORY! That all men would fall down at HIS FEET and repent, tears streaming, worship, and fear! For people to truly and really know THE AMAZING LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST! HE IS THE LIGHT THAT CAME TO FREE US FROM OUR SINS! IT IS BECAUSE THE LORD JESUS CAME AS SAVIOUR That men have a chance in this life. HE came to destroy the works of the devil! HE came so that we may have LIFE and have it more abundantly!

    – Matty B. Duran

  • vigor
    vigorabout 2 years ago

  • Thank-you Vivian! For Jesus!

    – Matty B. Duran

  • ArtChances
    ArtChancesabout 2 years ago

    sharing with friends and Thank you for telling the truth:)

  • Thank-you ArtChances~Sorry I am late in responding to your comment. May God bless you in The Coming New Year and may The Holy Spirit empower you for The Glory of Jesus Christ~We are all His servants~Members of His Holy Body, of His Flesh, and of His Bones~we do not belong to ourselves~we have been purchased by His Precious Blood~none of us lives to himself or dies to himself~We pray for the victim’s families at Sandy Hook Elementary~May our Lord use that tragedy to bring many to the True Faith~GOD IS GOOD~Even if there is evidence to the contrary and the mockers and atheists use this tragedy to discredit God. We pray in Faith knowing that God is Good, His Glory will shine through this tragic event~Merry Christmas~And a Blessed and Holy New Year to you~to work for God’s Glory, for The Glory of Christ and The Holy Spirit~Our Father who is in Heaven is still on The Throne~His Majesty Reigns Supreme~

    – Matty B. Duran

  • Barry W  King
    Barry W Kingabout 2 years ago

    Wow ! what incredible words of truth…all I can say is very well said, amazing.

  • Thank-you Barry~Sorry I am late in responding~We pray for the victim’s families of Sandy Hook Elementary School~No sense can be made of this. Only that God spoke The Truth about sin, that sin is evil~It took the lives of all of those beautiful little children~There is no reason to sin, they can investigate all they want, the truth lies in the heart of man~We sinned, and without Jesus, our Messiah, tragedies like this will become more commonplace. It is only The Righteousness of Jesus Christ that is a hedge of protection, a Light, The Grace from this tragic world. The good that will come from this is that many will turn to Jesus Christ for comfort from their intense grief and suffering. God will embrace the children who hear His Voice~He will embrace the children who come to Him with their wounds~

    “All That The Father gives to me will come to Me and the one who comes to Me, I will by no means cast out.”
    (John 6:37)

    Merry Christmas and a Blessed and Holy New Year~May God empower you to service

    – Matty B. Duran

  • carolhynes
    carolhynesover 1 year ago

    Oh im just like you when it comes to denominations! They are truely dead places! I allso hate being called religious with a vengeance! I hate religion,and allways did! allso brought up in the catholic church and caned by the nuns in my first years at school,drove my contempt for religion very deep indeed! Im so glad God has bound up my wounds that were inflicted upon me supposedly in his name,and i have come to know Him as a Compassionate Loveing Heavenly Farther! Im glad He searched me out! because i wasnt interested! Religion is very damaging! and is like a black cloak to the lost sinner trying to find his way! Glad you are of like mind!

  • Hi Carol~Sorry I am so late in responding to your comment~Denominations have always been a difficult place for me. I have been to many different denominations~I learned more from The Ministry of The Holy Spirit, through sermons from Spirit-filled ministers on Christian radio, and through The Word of God being illuminated by The Holy Spirit~It is about being transformed into The Likeness of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ~Being made Holy, and not staying in our sins~it is being cleansed and washed and weaned away from this world!~in Holy consecration~not sitting in a pew week after week. God knows who are His. Trusting in Jesus Christ and not a religion is Faith~We do not cling to some man, the pope or Billy Graham~We cling to our Living and Risen Savior in faith, believing He loves us and is transforming us, and empowering us to do His Holy Will~

    Merry Christmas~We pray for the victim’s families of Sandy Hook~knowing that Jesus Christ is The Only One who will change men’s hearts~Where True Grace is present, where The Holy Spirit is present healing will come~tragedies like Sandy will not destroy our faith, but empower us to greater faith~I pray that all of the victim’s families come to Faith in our Lord Jesus, if they haven’t already~I pray that the entire community of Newtown, Conn will be blessed by The Holy Spirit~

    “And it shall come to pass afterward
    That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh;
    Your sons and daughters shall
    Your old men shall dream dreams,
    Your young men shall see visions.
    And also on My menservants and on My
    I will pour out My Spirit in those days.”
    (Joel 2:28-29)

    – Matty B. Duran

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