If Jesus Were Born Black

If Jesus Were Born Black
would white men still worship Him?
Would He still Be Lifted Up As The Son of God
by the evangelicals?
If He Were Born Black Instead of Olive Skinned
If His Skin were Dusky, the color of coal
Would men in the bible belt still call Him their Saviour?
What would change but the color of His skin?
He still would have been nailed to The Cross
Paid for the sins of a bigoted world
If The Lord of Glory were born in Africa
instead of Jerusalem,
Would it matter to His Deity?
Whether or not The Lord was
born a black man
His ivory portrait hung with care
in Berean bible houses
Yet, Our God with a palette of variation
created us in browns and blacks
embracing every race of man
as sons and daughters
As a testament to His Glory
to teach us His Love,
But sin distorted what God
meant for beauty,
When men attempt to Twist His Cross for their own
agendas into the hatred
Jesus vehemently condemns
God didn’t create a white Jesus
this blue eyed Jesus
caucasians painted in their own image
Even though Our Lord has no more skin
pale, dark or otherwise
But in the history of this nation
enslaving and murdering in the name and the image
of God
faith built on lynchings and cross burnings
seared into the fabric of a nation
assuming God has prejudices as men
glorifying Jesus as white for centuries
when He was of the tribe of Judah
a carpenter whose skin would have been
burned by the sun,
whose copper coloured eyes,
penetrated the sins of men
If Jesus were born black
He would expose bigots
to a Gospel without colour
He was not a Roman,
nor a Swede
He was a Jew
despised and rejected
as the race
brought over in slave
whipped as the slaves
who for centuries tried
to be free
Saviour to both black and white
to all who are contrite and to all who mourn
HE is Glorified,
ascended and seated at The Right Hand
of His Father on The Throne
with eyes of flame as a witness
sees the defamation of what is done
In His Name
the desecration in the hearts of men
If Jesus Were Born Black
Would the boy Emmet Till have been slaughtered still?
by lovers of a white Jesus
a boy who was not born white now cradled in the arms
of a Jesus without a colour.

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A thought came to me after watching an episode of The Original Twilight Zone, entitled," I Am The Night Color Me Black." Rod Serling also wrote an episode for Playhouse 90, entitled, “A Town Turned To Dust”, based on the Emmett Till case. May he rest in peace. However, being the 1950’s Mr. Serling was censored, and the play he had written was telecast with changes to his story. Instead of African American, the character was Mexican.
To Our Lord Jesus Christ, who is seated at The Right Hand of The Father Have all The Glory. May He cleanse us from our prejudices. We know Our Lord was born A Jew when he walked the earth. But really, whatever skin color He would have had, He is Our Lord who died for our sins. The rest is just skin deep.
Read about Emmett Till


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I am a servant of The Lord Jesus Christ. He is my Saviour and Lord. I am also a Christian mother who loves The Lord Jesus Christ. My writings are for His Glory. i belong to Him, and it is for Him, that i live. I honor the life God has created.

Exalt The Lord our God,
And worship at His footstool-
He is Holy!
(Psalm 99:5)
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  • Shayani Ann  Turko
    Shayani Ann T...almost 3 years ago

    Matty, I am going to do my second art show. Its a multi dimensional show which includes not just visuals but written word, dance, drama, and singing. I was wondering whether this could be performed/ read with your permission, giving you credit.
    Let me know…
    and If you want to read /see how the first went go to :!/pages/Awakening-A-B...
    thanks ! Love this piece because when I first came to Canada, some Christians couldn’t believe that I was a believer before I came to the West and some non Christians couldn’t believe that as a brown person I could be a Christian. They started when I told one of them quite bluntly one day “You know, Jesus wasn’t white”. He started at me for awhile and later told me that he had never met a Christian like me. He was quite prejudiced against Christians even though he called himself a WASP (White Anglo Saxon Punk)

  • Thank-you for your kind comments. I would be honoured, of course you may read my poem. I know what you mean about some Christians not believing that a person who is not a caucasian could actually have as much faith as them in Jesus Christ. He is The Saviour to all who believe, to all Our Gracious Father has given the Free Gift of His Grace to. Because I am Mexican-American, I have been looked at differently by some in some of the “churches” around town. So, I quite understand how you felt. I felt similarly. But my relationship with my Lord is not based on what others may feel about me. He is my Lord too, regardless of what others may think. I write and will continue to write for God’s Glory. He is my Love to. We know He was born a Jew while He was on the earth, but even if He had dark skin it would make no difference to me. He is Glorified! Glorified! Glorified! Someday I will be with Him.
    Thank-you. In Jesus Christ’s Love, matty

    – Matty B. Duran

  • raymondoantonio
    raymondoantonioalmost 3 years ago


  • Thank-you raymondo. If Jesus were born black, true believers would not care. It would make no difference to us. He is well acquanted with grief and sorrow. He was despised and rejected, and still is. I lift Him High, and I am proud to be a Christian. Jesus Christ is all of my Glory. Your comments mean very much to me raymondo. You are one of my very good friends here on Red Bubble, and I appreciate that. TO JESUS CHRIST BE ALL GLORY!
    In Jesus Christ, matty

    – Matty B. Duran

  • mordechai
    mordechaialmost 3 years ago

    Right On, Brother!!

  • Thank-you mordechai. Thank-you for the feature in your group Freedom in Words and Art. It is wonderful to have the freedom to write about my Lord Jesus Christ. It is a gift and a great priviledge. May God bless you! TO JESUS CHRIST BE ALL GLORY!

    – Matty B. Duran

  • mordechai
    mordechaialmost 3 years ago

    Um, I’m a pagan myself.

  • Weren’t we all in the beginning. Take care mordechai.

    – Matty B. Duran

  • highbeam
    highbeamalmost 3 years ago

    The choice of words and your poignant question you pose makes this writing resonate for me. You ask a vital question here… one more startling than many would care to discuss or admit to consider. The truth of the matter is the color of our skin is so superficial and it comes down to “the content of our character” more than anything else… or it should be the yardstick we use, to gauge the importance, as a factor to recognize this profound truth. Truth is love expressed… the altruistic kind, one no one should ignore or undervalue. Great writing Matty. I see a double feature for you here!

  • Thank-you for the features Russell. I am sorry it took so long to respond. Sometimes, when I write, I kind of write it, and then move on to the next writing piece. I appreciate your comments, as you are my brother and a very talented writer . When I wrote this one, I had finished watching a Twilight Zone episode about racism. It caused me to think if the color of our Lord’s skin when He was the Incarnation, would make a difference to believers today. As for me, definately not. I know would He did for me, this is the basis of my love for Him, that He is Lord, and that He first loved me. We who are in The Truth, are brothers and sisters because of The Holy Spirit. We are different shades in this life, but that is only skin deep. Inside, where it matters we are the same, children of The Eternal One, ABBA FATHER, saved by His Grace, and lovers of our Saviour Jesus Christ.
    much love to you and the people of mustard seeds and art and ink. Thank-you. TO JESUS CHRIST BE ALL THE GLORY!

    – Matty B. Duran

  • Pam Humbargar
    Pam Humbargaralmost 3 years ago

    Beautiful poem….a profound truth you have expressed….if only “they” would read, watch (the original episodes of the Twighlight Zone), and learn….but….that is too much to hope for from those who control the destiny of our world today….as always, those who know too little, control too much. But, nevertheless, I agree with the words you write….and, as an artist, I love all of the colors our God created—there is no color that is more beautiful than another—they all must somehow work together to create a work of art….and…just that this happens………

  • Thank-you Pam. Sorry I took so long in getting back to you. Once I write, I just move on to the next piece. I agree I really like the original Twilight Zone. They remade it twice, but it didn’t have the “punch” of the original. Rod Serling always tried to impart something of humanity into each episode he wrote, or oversaw, in the case of episodes he did not write.
    God created variety and each of us is considered a work of art. I appreciate your comment. May Jesus Christ bless you!

    – Matty B. Duran

  • Gregory John O'Flaherty
    Gregory John O...almost 3 years ago

    Great read !! Well said…… don’t tell them that the Hamlet of Beth is in Egypt between the Nile and the Red Sea

  • Thank-you for reading Gregory. I appreciate each and every comment I may receive. It is a blessing to read the comments of fellow writers and artists. May God bless you with faith in His Son Jesus Christ.!

    – Matty B. Duran

  • Ann Warrenton
    Ann Warrentonalmost 3 years ago

    September 19,2011 Wonderful!

  • I appreciate the feature. Thank-you. May God bless you dear friend!

    – Matty B. Duran

  • Ann Warrenton
    Ann Warrentonalmost 3 years ago

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