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Mustard Seeds

As I am not an artist I asked my dad to create banners for Mustard Seeds. My father was very blessed in being able to create such a rich tapestry of work. I used to call him up, and ask him to make something for the group. I admit now I took that for granted, having an artist on call. He was always very gracious, in creating work for the group.

He created a banner of Christ on the Cross. I remember when I saw it, it resonated deeply within me. He gave me the actual painting, but my daughter destroyed it during a manic episode.

God gave him to me for many years. We laughed, we worked on RB, bubble mailing one another, our conversations over many, many years ran deeply. Our most treasured and intimate conversations were about Jesus Christ. When you love someone you wonder if they are saved, and I guess they wonder about you too. As my father slipped away, I remembered all of our discussions about Christ. He used to tell me, that he did believe.

Recently, I have struggled with doubt in my own walk with the Lord, wondering, “If I am really a saved and changed creation?” If I indeed belong to God, if I am really one of His own children. There are doubts in some of us, as the walk, as the communion with Christ can and should be closer. But, we are not saved based on how close we are, or feel to our Lord Jesus. IT is His Blood, that has covered our sins. It is the Grace that God has bestowed on us, and not our works. Yes, we should be obedient, but if we fall short, as no one is Perfect but God, we have Christ who was slain, and is our Sacrifice, The Lamb of God.

When Russell Holder asked me to co-host with the group he started, this group Mustard Seeds, initially I said, “no”. I turned him down twice. It was my feeling that I did not have the proper amount of time to give to the group, as a lot of my focus is on my daughter Emma. He assured me it was alright. When Russell left RB, I did not believe I could host the group. But God, glory to God, he brought people to help me. My father helped me in this capacity, creating banners. He is gone now, but God will lift another, and will lift others to stand on the wall with me. Pauline Tohline and Bluecrystal93 are co-hosting with me now. If there should ever come a time when we are gone, Mustard Seeds will be hosted by other believers. As Mustard Seeds is not a human vehicle, but the vessel of God.

I have prayed to God, our Father, asking for more writers. As we are blessed with many gifted photographers and artists. But God in His time will bring more writers to the forefront, to lift the name of Jesus with words of praise.

As the true mission of our lives is to preach the Gospel, and praise God with the talents He has given us, bearing His fruit.

Thank-you Mustard Seeds brethren. This is so much more than a group, but a home for believers to lift one another up, to share their art in glory to God, to preach the Gospel with our journal entries, artwork, photographs, and work of writings.

I appreciate each person, and thank each of you for contributing to this group, this part of Christ’s Body. As there are other parts of His Body on RB, we are only one part, to work in harmony with the other groups who believe in Jesus and glorify Him!

In-Christ’s Love,

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