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A Muse about Love on Valentine's Day

Love Is a woven tapestry too intricate to be swept under the heart.

Love must come from a deeper source than the anguish of the past,
It must have a richer life than the frustrations and failures of things
which have broken it

IF Love is to ever bloom again,
If it is to be authentic and not a cheap imitation?

IF Love has not allowed healing to grow over
it would be a hollow spot with no hope to ever truly give acceptance,
or be given it back
it would always be contentious and rude, and loud and noisy,
and harsh, and spiteful if it were not given its way

Like a monster to tame or to have to live with a cruel beast
with bleeding scales always breathing in poison,
and blowing out flames

Love cannot be bought, or bribed,
if it be geniune it will cost our egos sometimes
and the vanity of certain luxuries at times
it will expend our patience in ways that cause affliction
wondering why the heart allows itself to be whipped
at times it seemingly bears no fruit, leaving one alone to suffer hunger

Love cannot change and love does not cease to be itself or compromise itself
it is a conviction to struggle it is a desire to be faithful
and has a will to expend its life for what is loved,
yes, love suffers abuse, unkindness that leaves the heart
nothing but a bleeding pasture

Love does not exist for itself, but for others,

Love was not meant to be horded, but given,
not meant to manipulate, but intended to open itself like a gift,
it cannot hide, nor can it run away,

Love is deliberate and Love is purposeful,
it endures, and makes itself stubborn in the face
of hateful behavior,

Love stays when desire has left to extinguish its short life on something else,
it goes on when infatuation has already packed its bags and gone away
because it has gotten boring

Love is not warm hearts glowing near a warm fireplace,
nor is it a heart burning itself for a cause,
it is deeper and stronger and higher in thought,
in persuasion, in emotion, in conviction,
in design

Love outlasts every other thing
for it is eternal and ageless, its existence is to live in its Creator
Love cannot be fickle or fleeting since its Possessor Is not..

It is purposed to reconcile, and forgive
and encourage and protect and nurture and cherish and help
and support and defend and become
It is formed inside us to change us

Therefore Love has its passion in becoming what we ourselves
cannot become alone,
it has its intention in making us into the likeness of our Savior.

The Lord God Almighty is at its heart,
and so love is best evidenced by the life of Jesus Christ.

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