Happy Birthday Wish

Happy Birthday
(January 20, 2013-September 7, 2013)
You won’t be there to answer my phone call in the morning. I had no way of knowing that I had already wished you your final birthday. You have no more birthdays. But, I’d like to think that you do. There will be no cake, no birthday song, no laughter, only memories. There were birthday cakes, and kisses, the lopsided cakes I used to make and the rock cookies you used to say I baked. Your smile is not there, you have no words for me, your body is resting under the earth, I will visit today even though you are not really there, I will visit, and wish you a Happy Birthday anyway. Daddy, you had many good birthdays, some spent with me, many spent apart, as I grew older, you moved away, but you were always a phone call away. Please forgive my tears this is the first birthday you will not be there. We will remember that you were given to us on this day, we will remember that you were here once upon a time, for what feels so brief now, this was your day. And yet, God said, that the day of one’s death is so much more to celebrate. You have passed into an eternal celebration, and the day of your birth has slipped away, never to be celebrated in the way it once was.

This day was not really your birth, but the beginning of your journey. You set out nearly 70 years ago, to become a husband and father, to find love more than once, to have children and grandchildren,………..
Every day you painted, you made a canvas out of your life experiences you have left yourself in all of your children, and grandchildren….the love you gave in your youth and in your maturity…..You have left an indelible impression on the world around, you have forever changed us.
I will not imagine you celebrating your birthday, but celebrating your Eternity with Jesus.

Love your firstborn daughter

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  • Anthea  Slade
    Anthea Sladeabout 1 year ago

    Oh this is a beautiful birthday tribute to Rey from your beautiful heart. Thank you for sharing Matty. His spirit and love will always be there with you. His art and his memories will always speak of his love. You are so like your dad in many ways dear Matty. Happy Birthday to the brilliant and beautiful Rey on 20 January 2014. I love this photo it shows his exuberance and utter joy in life, in creativity and in being. Thinking of you Matty on this significant day. Love Anthea

  • Thank-you for stopping by Anthea, to wish my father a Happy Birthday in his new life~IT means so much to me~May God bless you always~

    – Matty B. Duran

  • evon ski
    evon skiabout 1 year ago

    oh Gee Matty, I LOVE you and your Father and I see this wonderful Full of Life photo and love my own my Poppa too . . So full of abundant life, what a colorful delightful character. Fabulous tribute and I beleive there are celebrations in heaven!!!! Blessings to you!!

  • Thank-you evon for stopping by to wish my father a Happy Birthday in his new life~It means alot to me~May God bless you always~

    – Matty B. Duran

  • vigor
    vigorabout 1 year ago

    What a beautiful tribute to your father. I can picture him now in his heavenly home and making paintings like no other! I know he would smile over this!!!
    Thank you for adding to Gideon’s.

  • kendrickj
    kendrickjabout 1 year ago

    Oh I didn’t realize your father was R. This is a lovely tribute and also very sad, considering what you told me on your comment to me. I have suffered at the medical cartel/coven too. One can hope that justice will one day be restored.