"Let us therefore come boldly to the Throne of Grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need." ( Hebrews 4:16)

my garment of flesh grows old my garment of flesh grows old / i long for the day when You wrap me / with the White Robes of Righteousness / the hairs on my head grown / … Citizen of Heaven Citizen of Heaven / my passport to Heaven / is Jesus / He paid the price of the ticket / marked Heaven / when He Shed His Blood / and decla… She laid her abdomen scar at God’s Throne women with veils whose faces were carved / looked to the Throne as rest / we sought / refuge / fellowship / laughter / oblivion / forgiven… The crown i will take off my own head The Lord Jesus will be High and Lifted Up on His Throne of Glory / The crown i will take off my own head / and return to My Lord in Praise Beyond the Glory of the Stars is the place called… “I never end and there is peace / once you’ve come to the end / of yourself. / Beyond the Glory of the stars / is the place ca… In This Hallway Called Earth heaven is the universe / immense / unlimited by our own / eyes / who have cut it off / like a snapshot / in our minds Why i want to go to Heaven i don’t want to go to heaven to avoid the firey pits of hell / It isn’t the eternal damnation of torment i fear / No, although … Praise So Loud That Walls Will Crumble no one knows the indignity suffered / or the Glory poured forth through His Wounds / our hearts must come through paths of suffering / the … absorbed into His Presence i am not separated from Your Heart / there are no breaches, as skin, / has no divisions / Father, Son, and Holy Spirit / You are One. Everything gathers at The Feet of JESUS Everything gathers at Your Feet, / the sunset, the moon, my tired eyes, / my hands / the earth under my feet, / i have dug with my hands /…