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I do not longer sell my work trough redbubble.
Anyone, who is interessed in buying my work, can find me over here:

Reasons, go over here, same happens to me, I have still NO answer from Redbubble. Please see also my Journal.

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It’s a teamwork-account together with Timo Geble

some examples:

Timo Gebles website

My very own showcase in the Flower-Works-Group

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Unhappy with redbubble and it's costumer-service

I’ve ordered x-mas cards in my own design from redbubble. / It was my first order ever here, I spent more then 40 dollars, including a coupon I won in a rb-challenge. (I kept them, until I have something special to order) / Now, the money is gone, the coupon as well and I’m here without my cards. / Christmas is near, my cards, even when they arrive tomorrow, haven’t got no c…
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