Unhappy with redbubble and it's costumer-service

I’ve ordered x-mas cards in my own design from redbubble.
It was my first order ever here, I spent more then 40 dollars, including a coupon I won in a rb-challenge. (I kept them, until I have something special to order)
Now, the money is gone, the coupon as well and I’m here without my cards.
Christmas is near, my cards, even when they arrive tomorrow, haven’t got no chance to arrive in time by my family and friends.
I placed my order after carefully reading the shipping details and I’m dissapointend like hell, I tell you.

So, sorry beloved ones and friends, no cards this year.

Mistakes can happen,
but the worsest thing on this story, after three mails and one fb-wall-post, I have still no answer from the redbubble-team. Is there a team, a helper team or a costume…