Thank you for recent sales, it was a very pleasant surprise after a break in read bubble posting !

Miroslava ! :)

Add on festival

Thanks for all the 30000 views….. the sales…… they where particularly fantastic !!! And now my photo will be at the Add On festival . I tried to add the pic of the flyer here but still not sure how, so I just added it under the pics so here is the link ! :)) Add on flyer

cheers and thanks for being wonderfull !!! :))

20000 views and 5 sales

I have to say I am really happy, when I first joint, I was thinking woudnt it be great to get 1000 views or sell something……I remeber thing, wow 100 people looked it my pics… and then I sort of forgot about this site and then started ading photos again and last month I reached 10000 views and now its 20 thousand, and 5 sales…… it so super exciting.

So thank you everyone for looking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))
And super super thank you for buying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))

the 2 most popular pics with over 300 views are
Musical Synergy
and this one had 2 sales !

and Spin?
which been featured in water sports group for one year now !


Another morning…….. another day get through……. last week again it seems that all hope has dissaper…….I want to widraw from people………my heart aches so much for my son….. and I have done all I can and I dont know which direction to take anymore….. all hope is lost, how can I tell him to be positive and act positive when I dont see a path to take……..
I let him down, there is no energy left in me to fight, to look for options to find answer……I dont want anybody to know how I feel…….. and I cry alone……

How do you explain all that has happen…… how can anyone understand…….they cant….. my boy had high functioning autism / aspergers , Adhd and went into depression when he was only 10……… it took me years to get him correctly diagnose (not until I left the public system which is usless) and

A seal's swim !

75 views on that pick in, well – about half of the day ! And 100 views allready on my tiger pics. I am impress…… thank you everyone.
And feature on my black and white tiger….. that makes up for the rainy day in Sydney :)))

cheers everyone !!!! Miroslava

Another sale and 10 000 views !!!

Thank you so much for buying a framed large print – Musical Synergy

And also thank you for the 10 000 views. It really means a lot to me !!! Its a super great feeling to know that people, complete strangers out there love and appriciate you work……. becouse I believe with every picture you share little bit of your self, of your view of life and there is a lot of beauty around us which a lot of time we miss. I think that art in any form – wheather its photography, painting, music, poem, writing…. its essential to our lifes !!! It can lift us up, it can make us wonder, it can makes us sad………it makes us feel……..and that is the great gift of art !! Love is form of art and art is love !

LOL - my blond moment

Well I have been replying and saying thank you to people by writing an another comment, except I just realiaze, I have to write under the reply butten so they can see when I say thank you. Lol…..I feel so blonde.

So thank you for you comments !



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