Miriam Shilling is an artist/illustrator and aspiring children’s book author.

She grew up in the leafy southern suburbs of Sydney, with a carefree and happy childhood. Art was always a favourite subject at school and this lead to studying Fine Arts at UNSW’s College of Fine Arts campus. However, Miriam kept having the recurring thought that there were children starving in Africa and she was creating sculptures about her contented childhood. She decided she needed to help the world in some small way.

After leaving university and studying a variety of courses from graphic design to dressmaking, she finally went back to university and became a secondary school art teacher.

This has seen her move to various amazing places around Australia to teach and raise a family, all the while creating art, opening an artist run gallery and selling lots of paintings. She likes to think she is helping the world through teaching, creating thoughtful artworks and being nice to everyone (not an easy feat when teaching high school students).

Miriam currently juggles the various roles of teacher, mother and artist.

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