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Merci Beaucoup

Merci beaucoup! Thank you to everyone who has commented so favorably and encouraged my photographic efforts, feeble though they may be at times. I really do appreciate each and every minute people have spent viewing the gallery and writing something kind and supportive about the various pictures. Thank you, too, to the person/persons who bought cards (some dear heart just bought five of mine in one shot!). I’ve belonged to other websites for over a year now without a single sale, so selling anything is a special treat for me. We are all so privileged and blessed by God to have the gift of SIGHT (four of my dear friends are blind) so we can scan the world for its plethora of treasures, to be financially able to buy good camera equipment and mentally astute to figure out (though slowly in my case) how to use it, and then to have the opportunity to share the sights we record with wonderfully appreciative people like those of you at RedBubble. As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s good to count all these blessings and publicly acknowledge the Source from whom they come! Merci beaucoup encore!

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