Renate  Dartois

Renate Dartois

Los Angeles, United States

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My name is Renate Dartois I am a self taught artist. Painting was always something I have wanted to pursue, however raising three children and working part-time kept me busy enough to put my dream on hold for a while. A few years ago I decided to stop working so that instead I could begin my journey into the world of art. Every day I walk into my studio I feel so blessed and happy to be able to create something new and beautiful. You may notice some of my inspiration comes from different sources-an emotion I feel or something visual or sometimes I just let the strokes of my paint-brush show me the way. I hope you enjoy browsing through my art-work and thank you for visiting.

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Hi I just came back....

Hi everyone I just returned and do not understand what happened to all my art-work all I want is to have prints no pillows tots etc. I have been trying to disable what I don’t want but it still shows up and the print option disappears. I will be leaving again in a few days for a short time but will be back on RB shortly…..Renate.
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Taking a summer-break.....

To all my RB friends I will be taking a long break my family is arriving for the summer so once again it it will be fun in the sun plus there will be some traveling. I want to thank everyone that has supported my work during the year wish you all a wonderful summer stay safe and I see you probably mid September…..Love and Light Renate.
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Sold another card.....

Thank you to the person that bought a greeting card of the painting Irises I appreciate it….
Posted 6 months – 4 comments