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Mareeba, Australia

I have loved taking photos for as long as I can remember. I was given a Box Brownie as a kid and the love developed from there, I can...

Cheesed Off!

Hubby and I went to a wildlife reserve on Saturday, we have been there a few times before and just love it but this time my photos have a lot to be desired, 90% of them were blurry which was a big disappointment as each time prior, my shots have turned out great. I have put this down to my 300mm lens, it is an IS Canon and ever since I have owned it it hasn’t worked properly. I have had this lens back to Canon twice in the warranty period and each time they sent it back saying it is in working order and each time it has worked for awhile then stops. When one pays a lot of money for something you expect it to work. I asked for them replace it but to my disappointment they wouldn’t so I have to plod on and hope for the best…. I have an erratic heart beat (the reason I got the lens in the first place) which makes taking shots quit hard at times as it beats then misses a couple then beats again, when it misses I try to capture the shot, sometimes I get it right and others I don’t. I think Saturdays efforts I wasn’t aware of this and that is the reason for them being blurry. I am cheesed off as I like the lens but it sure as hell doesn’t help me anymore.
Has anyone else has trouble with Canon’s IS (Image Stabaliser) lens’s

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