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2 Pink Ladies and a Wedding!

Hi there!!

Last year in April I wrote a journal about how a friend and colleague asked me if I could do the photography for her wedding. This was no ordinary wedding! It was a military (naval) ceremony complete with guard of honour and naval traditions. I was a little hesitant at first because I had never done formal wedding photography before. The bride to be was very relaxed and assured me that she would be happy with just a “few nice pictures of the day”. OK I thought, I can do that!!

I knew that I could not go into this alone and asked my dear friend and fellow RedBubbler Barb Leopold to be my “partner in crime”. Together we accepted the challenge and began to prepare ourselves for this very important task.

RedBubble was definitely a source of information and inspiration. We had a steep learning curve, but read everything we could. We also attended workshops and practised using our speedlites at every opportunity. I’m sure the neighbours are still scratching their heads, wondering why Barb and I were wandering around the front and backyard with flashes going off, taking pictures of each other. We were testing our technical skills in bright sunlight!! We needed to make the most of our opportunities to practice together as Barb is located in Adelaide and I am in Sydney!! We would email or phone our latest discoveries and advances. It was very exciting.

Last weekend (Saturday the 20th of March) was our “D” or should I say “W” day. There was not anything more that would could fit into our heads about settings, poses, group set-ups, lighting etc…. We just had to get in there and make it work. We had already made a running sheet of who would be taking a particular shot and with what particular lens for the day. We had all the right kit, but could we pull it off?

Well, exhausted, bone weary and so glad it was finally over after 14 hours of continous shooting, we limped into our hotel room and spent the next 2 hours downloading and backing up 4000 Raw images onto our hard drives.

Did we do it? Did we manage to pull it off? Did the 2 pink ladies (we wore matching outfits and looked very smart!) deliver the goods? YES, YES and YES!!! I am so proud of us. The prior preparation worked beautifully. Ofcourse there were technical hitches (bloody flash batteries…aargh!!) but we have captured the day in all its beautiful Sydney Autumn glory. We had a beautiful bride and groom, we had the most stunning location for the chapel and formal photographs. We had a naval theme. We had a glorious sunny day (It was HOT and we melted in the heat), and we had each other. What a team!!!

THANK YOU my wonderful friend Barb. I honestly could not have done it without you. You are amazing and you took on this task (we did not ask for payment, we did it as a gift) with joy and commitment. I cannot thank you enough.

If you have gotten this far, I guess you might want to see some pictures? The task of editing has only just begun, but here are a few images from the day. Thanks also to the wonderful bridal party who were so willing to try anything that we suggested, you were great!

Cheers Karen xxx

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