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An Exciting Opportunity!

Hello my good friends at RedBubble.…

Firstly: Please accept my apology for being absent and not responding or contributing. I have been busy working in the background, putting together the framework and laying the groundwork for my new business venture: True North Photography by Karen Scrimes. It has been a slow process, mainly due to problems with the company contracted to develop my website. I’m sad to say that even after 2 months I’m still a little way off from going ‘live’ with the site. I guess I got the ‘lemon’ of Website development companies!! I honestly did my research in this area and finally went with an organisation that looked very professional and polished. I even looked at doing the whole thing myself but due to family and work commitments decided to let the ‘professionals’

2 Pink Ladies and a Wedding!

Hi there!!…

Last year in April I wrote a journal about how a friend and colleague asked me if I could do the photography for her wedding. This was no ordinary wedding! It was a military (naval) ceremony complete with guard of honour and naval traditions. I was a little hesitant at first because I had never done formal wedding photography before. The bride to be was very relaxed and assured me that she would be happy with just a “few nice pictures of the day”. OK I thought, I can do that!!

I knew that I could not go into this alone and asked my dear friend and fellow RedBubbler Barb Leopold to be my “partner in crime”. Together we accepted the challenge and began to prepare ourselves for this very important task.

RedBubble was definitely a source of information and inspiration. We had a ste

Road Trip

Hi everyone,…

I have just returned from a most amazing trip in far North West Queensland. I am lucky enough that my job takes me to some amazing places and I get see parts of this great brown land that I might not otherwise travel to.

Last week I flew into Mt Isa and picked up a hire car at the airport. Three days later and over 1700 kilometres travelled, I was a happy camper. I had experienced the Aussie Outback and managed to take some pictures along the way! Not always easy on work trips as the main reason for travelling is a) to do the work and b) some workmates are less than supportive of the mad photographer travelling with them. Luckily for me, I was travelling with my best friend who understands the need to screech to a halt whilst travelling at speed in a car in order to turn arou

Mojo, Melancholy & Malaise

Hi friends,…

It’s been a month since my last journal post, so I thought I might drop a line or two to let you know what has been happening in my world.

The bad news is:……….I think I’ve lost my MOJO!

I’ve been looking around the house for it, under the couch, in the hall cupboard, in the pantry…but it’s definitely not there. I’ve searched for it at work….nup…….nothing! I went to my parents house, thinking I might have left it there……….NIX, Zilch, Zero.

My creative energy has hit a flatline…………………………………………………………

I think it’s probably one of those sneaky things that is right under your nose, and you just can’t seem to find it for looking. Oh well, I’ll leave it alone for a bit and come back to it, hopefully refreshed and with new eyes, and it will be right there, probably just where I left it

I have a new baby!

Hello to my friends on RedBubble!!…

I just wanted to let you know of my good news. I recently took possession of my “new baby” my Canon 5D Mark II. I am still in shock that I actually splurged on such a delicious piece of kit, but what a fine specimen of a camera it is!! I hope I can do it proud!!

Much has happened since I posted my last “update” journal 2 months ago. I have been very active on the Bubble, trying to squeeze everything in between family, work, travel and University assignments! Somewhere I get some time to create, usually in the wee hours of the morning when everyone is asleep!

It has been a wonderful time of affirmation for me with over 60 Features and six 1st place wins in challenges. I was honoured with a Home Page Feature of my favourite butterfly image Polka Dot Dress

Tutorial-adding motion


The super talented Leslie Hagen posted a request in the Pixelations-The Art of Photoshop group forum for a co-collaborator to work on her super charged image of a Hot Rod. See Leslie’s version here
I can’t resist a challenge (and I loved Leslie’s image) so I decided to give it a go! Leslie wanted a tutorial to go with the final creation, so other’s could follow along etc..
Sooo..here is my version of how to apply motion to a stationary object in Photoshop. I’m sure there are better ways, but as most of you already know…there are more ways than one to do something in PS!! I have written it with the beginner in mind.

Please feel free to provide feedback, let me know of typos, errors etc…Also, if you give the tutorial a whirl, I would love to see what you have created!!

The image which fo

Exciting News!!!

I have just had the most amazing week. I sold 23 of my cards!!! Whoo Hoo…I can’t believe it. There is a little secret to that success which ofcourse I am willing to share!…

Every three months or so I place an order for a card of each of the images I have uploaded. The quality is so divine and the price such good value, that I splurge. I now have a nice little collection of cards and ofcourse, when the opportunity arises I actually use them as ‘cards’ for family and friends.

I had a brainwave the other day and brought my box of cards into work with me. I then sent around an e-mail reminding my colleagues that Mother’s Day was just around the corner and that they could look at my ‘samples’ to see if they were interested………Well the rest is history!

A wise old photographer gave me a great tip.

Back again! Happy Easter

Hi friends! Hope you have had a safe and restful Easter break. I have been away from the computer for 3 and a half days as we went camping at Bathurst with the kids. I did not take the laptop with me as I was told in no uncertain terms that it would be a big “no-no” LOL.
We had a great time even though it poured with rain (again this year!!). I got lots of lovely pictures (can’t wait to edit!) and Dan got to ride his vintage motorbike through the countryside.
Lot’s of catching up to do on RB, and that’s why I haven’t been responding to the lovely new works you have posted. I’ll get around to them all in due course.…

I made a lovely new friend while I was away. Her name is Rosie and she is an Eclectus Parrot from New Guinea. A charming, sweet, gentle and amazingly intelligent bird. Everyone

An amazing quarter!

Towards the end of last year I made a conscious decision to concentrate on my photography and take a more active role on RedBubble. In conjunction with a change of job in early January and the ability to shed some time consuming commitments, I began to participate more fully by uploading, commenting, replying to feedback and creating.…

My increased participation has led to some wonderful on-line friendships with other artists and a flood of inspiration and encouragement. I also discovered group challenges which really fuelled my creative juices! During this time I embarked on my first collaboration (with very positive results) and have become a co-host with some lovely Bubblers of the Postcard Style group. A lot of fun!

So a big THANK YOU to all the lovely, encouraging friends, the hosts a

Meet me in St Louis.....

Hi friends,…

Just wanted to let you know that I’m heading off to St Louis, Missouri for a month. I have been excited and dreading this trip all at the same time. One, because I will be reconnecting with my first love – aviation, but sad because I have to leave my little people behind at home.

One funny, amazing thing to come out of my anticipation, has been the creative flurry that I have been in! I have never felt so keenly aware of my need to create! If you look at the images I have been posting, they are a mish mash of many different styles and themes. A reflection of the turmoil in my head, no doubt!

I will endeavour to capture memories and images with my trusty camera. Be prepared for a St Louis overload!! On the other hand, I will need to put head down and bum up as I go through this

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait