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My name is Sandra O’Connor and I am a photographer and artist at Latch Farm Studios living in a beautiful rural spot near Edinburgh in Scotland UK.

I don’t have a preferred genre, I just love to create beautiful, interesting and fun things with my photography, ceramics and fused glass. Originals are available from my website www.latchfarmstudios.co.uk

I especially enjoy macro and close-up work and I continue to experiment with different styles. In particular I enjoy photographing flowers and nature and mixing in some photo manipulation, especially if it makes people smile :)

Many THANKS for visiting my collection… I hope to have chance to view yours too … I appreciate the time you have spent viewing my work!

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Many thanks

Many thanks to the group organisers for the following features:

Ted overwhelmed in the ball pool – square. Featured work in ‘Alphabet Soup’ group

Ted meets some local wildlife. Featured work in the ‘For the Love of Teddybears’ group
Featured work in ‘Alphabet Soup’ group

Deefa dog – My best friend is a Retrieverf Featured work in ‘Respectful Retrievers’ group

Lemur love. Featured work in ‘All things in the Natural World’ group
“Featured work in ‘Alphabet Soup’ group:http://www.redbubble.com/groups/alphabet-soup
“Featured work in ‘Animal photography’ group:http://www.redbubble.com/groups/animal-photo-co...

Baby fluff Featured work in ‘Alphabet Soup’ group

Poppy with tears Featured work in ’One single flower group

Green circles Featured work in ’Bubble Jeopardy group

Field of barley Featured work in ’Monochrome

Deefa dog – In a perfect world> Featured work in ‘Paws n Claws’ group”:http://www.redbubble.com/groups/paws-n-claws
CHALLENGER WINNER in art and T-shirt challenge.
Link to my interview page

Soft pastel petals. Featured work in the ‘Simply White Artwork Gallery’
Soft pastel petals. Featured work in the ‘High Key’ group’

Single White Rose. Featured work in ‘The Woman Photographer’
Single White Rose. Featured work in the ‘Simply White Artwork Gallery’

Dolphin smile. Featured work in ’Out of the Blue (75%+ Blue) group

Ted’s first riding lesson. Featured work in the ‘For the Love of Teddybears’ group

Hearts and roses. Featured work in ‘4 Winners Only’ group

Deefa dog – Dogs laugh with their tails T-shirt. Featured work in ‘Paws n Claws’ group

Roses are red. Featured work in ‘Elegant Rose Cards’ group

Warning – attack penguins! Featured work in ‘Alphabet Soup’ group

Love and romance. Featured work in ‘Flowers in macro’

Sunburst rose. Featured work in ‘Fabulous Flowers’ group

Pink scabious. Featured work in ‘One Single Flower’ group

Red poppy. Featured work in ‘Gorgeous Flower Cards’ group

Yew tree. Featured work in the ‘Trees’ group

I love you always. Featured work in ‘Cards For Sale’ group

Listen to the sea. Featured work in the ‘Focus and lighting’ group

Colourful circles. Featured work in the ‘Domestic Art’ group

One mug says to another mug. Featured work in the ’You’re Accepted’ group and Avatar for their ‘Caption Competition’

Deefa dog T-shirt – Dogs laugh with their tails! Featured work in the ‘Mutts’ group

Deefa dog buddies. Featured work in the ‘Tees HQ’ group

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