WINTER PARK, United States

What is my creative process like?

My creative process usually begins with a photograph of interest. Sometimes the photograph are from my photo stock, of a relative or other people, but quite often it will be a photograph of different sites, and I download them because I think they have many stories to tell.
I look at some photographs onto a brower of my collections (storyboard), I don’t clutter too many images, because it makes easlier for me to select or build a story on what I select, also I select objects or tubes onto the photo as well,that compliment that particular photograph. I like to lay the elements out in a editing software (photoshop) or layout the image in different digital graphic softwares to add effects. I often work in silence or with background music, and I always like to work alone without conversation. I find that I usually work in spurts that last a few hours to a couple of days in succession.

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