Becoming proffesional

More and more i am making steps to become a proffesional illustrator. I know i am still in my last year of school but they make me!! :D
The latest assignment was to make a logo for yourself and think of an artistname. We also needed to make a portfolio site.
The assignment is finished and i am very happy with the results that i want to show you here.

This is my portfoliosite take a look around and tell me what you think. Is it a good portfolio or do you think i can do better by putting in some other works or letting out some works?

And for my logo it became this

Zamel doesn’t mean anything. I just took it from the Dutch word Verzamelen wich means to collect. that is because i don’t really have 1 big style that i pursuit or like. Not in music, in art or anything else. What i do…

Nycc redbubble poster design!!!

Hey you all!!
Redbubble has a challenge going on for the NYCC official redbubble poster.
I have an entry in it so that is why i am going to say to you all: VOTING STARTED!!!!

Now, don’t misunderstand me, I am not asking to vote on my design. I am just asking, vote on who ever you like if that is by any chance my desing and some more, be freely to vote on my design.
There are a few great designs wich i gave my vote to already.
So just vote on the things you like :D !!

Over here

If you want to see more of me!

Hey you all, i havn’t been very busy on redbubble lately, it has a lot of reasons. Like school was really really busy the last couple of weeks but! I passed this year and can enjoy a long and deserved vacation.
A second reason is that i also have my facebookpage and my blog where i write about my works. Redbubble is more a place for me to show af finished and work i think could sell. So if you want to see much muck more about my works and my work in progress, i would say become a fan of my facebookpage or follow my blog.

my facebookpage
my blog"

I hope to see you there!!!

greetings Sanne

A Spring cleaning

I really did a very big cleaning in my redbubbleworks. I went from about 200 works to 169. So that means a lot have been remover but also some are put togheter with their T-shirt version. Much better this way.
The works that i removed are works that i am no longer pleased with or that i think are not good enough anymore to be in my redbubble. But still a lot of old works stayed because i still want to show my arthistory. So only the good old works stayed. I hope you like it. And maybe in a year or so i will do an other cleanup :D by the way it took about 8000 views from my view counter :O !!! No worries, i still have about 63316views :P Not that this is so important, it was just funny to see it go down.

greetings Sanne

Say welcome to!!

Aygon is a schoolmate of mine. And because of me he is trying out redbubble for his t-shirt designs. So give him a warm welcome and make him feel at home :)

Here are already some of his works;

More will be coming soon i think!!

A happy weekend because of a sale.

I am so happy, yesterday when i was quickly checking my email i saw that lovely mail of redbubble that i love to get. It has the title You’ve made a sale on Redbubble. But my suprise was even greater when i saw it was about 3 sold T-shirts!! I was so happy. Someone just bought THREE T-shirts of Saint-Nicolas, Black Peter and the horse

So a lot of thanks to that person! You made my weekend. And offcourse have a nice Saint-Nicolas weekend later on :D