In search for a perfect compact camera

Do you have an “old” compact? Already thinking about the upgrade? In this case, welcome to the club :)
In recent years/months we are being bombarded by the expansion of digital technology and new models of digital cameras popping-out almost on a daily basis. Day after day, market is richer for some new flashy camera model offering features that sounded like a distant future only couple of months ago. More mega-pixels, amoled/touch/flip screens, fast lenses, long zooms, mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses, retro looking beauties made from durable materials…
Hard to resist not to replace your 2-3 years “oldie”, huh ?
Being in the same situation and caught myself browsing new camera reviews very often i was tempted to write a few lines about it, about my search for a perfect camera, a high-end compact offering great resolution and detail rendition, good low-light performance, durability and loads of auto/semi-auto/manual options. Simply, versatile all-rounder, camera that would make a perfect replacement for my DSLR allowing easier outdoor movement and making memorable photos of good quality.
Among so many models available in this moment i made a shortlist of my favorites:
- Panasonic GF-1
- Samsung TX-500
- Olympus EP-1
- Canon G-12
- Nikon Coolpix P-7000
- Panasonic Lumix LX-5
Each of the models mentioned has stunning specifics, in written almost all that i would possibly want from a compact camera.
By the way, did you check the prices of these beauties?
Ranging from 450 – 1.000 Eur, certainly not a cheap pleasure :) My preferred Panasonic GF-1 + 20mm 1.7 lens costs 1.000 Euro in my country, more than what you would pay for a great DSLR body of a camera like Nikon D90. Are they worth that much ?
Instead of opting for one of these cameras i made a step back and tried to remember when was the last time i have used my small “obsolete” compact Fujifilm FinePix F-30. As you have most probably guessed – not lately!
So instead of taking the most of what i have at my disposal i admit that i am heavily driven into this technology hype that is so hard to fight against.
To make a long story shorter, instead of spending time pixel-peeping and checking what these new wonders can produce i decided to check back what my Fuji has to offer: 6.3 MP, good low light sensitivity with ISO settings up to 3.200, long battery life, metal body and guess what – 1/1.7″ Super CCD sensor capable of rendering some fine details. Heck, the same size like Canon G12 and with less “squeezed-in” pixels, this can’t be bad !
So could it be possible to make photos of equivalent quality with my Fuji? Of course !
All this thinking make me realize that i really have enough in my pocket to make many good quality and memorable photos without a need to break a bank in this moment.
Until it is crystal clear that a new star is born, a star that would have all that i want from a high-end compact, with a price tag that would not make my life more difficult, that would make great photos without that ever-present pixel fuzziness that all compact produce, i am perfectly happy to continue shooting with my little Fuji for some casual everyday moments.
P.S. A breath of fresh air just announced Fuji Finepix X100, large CCD camera.
It just might be the camera i dreamed about ! Shhh, patience … :)

P.S. All of the following photos are result of my “collaboration” with FujiFilm Finepix F30 compact camera. Good enough ?

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