Analyze This

What was my creator thinking,
on that particular day,
As she sat concentrating
on what she should say.

What were the thoughts
that flashed through her mind,
as she delved through the depths,
What would she find?

And when she found what she needed,
What would you think,
sitting and searching,
too afraid to blink
Incase you missed something
important to her,
Hidden meaning, innuendo,
or a misused new word.

You see, they try to uncover
my secrets of old,
poke, search, discover,
as if I’m guarding some gold.
They inspect every corner,
search every inch,
Invasion of privacy,
cause me to cringe.

They rip me to pieces
until I’m stripped bare,
Left naked and empty
are they not aware?

I have nothing to hide,
there’s nothing to find,
on thoughts, use of language,
or metaphors combined.
I’m a simple poem,
constructed of words,
written on paper
in a sudden outburst.

An outburst of genius,
on a fine Summer’s day,
when the creator decided
to write about pain,
Or happiness, confusion,
Love or just life,
Or perhaps on a poem;
Blunt as a knife.

Am I intended to hurt?
Make aware?
Awaken understanding?
make you care?

The truth is, they sit for hours,
trying to analyze me,
But what is right in front of them
is too hard to see.

I have no hidden agenda.
I’m just a bunch of words,
Strung real neatly together,
To form a perfect verse.

So analyze THIS –
And maybe you’ll see,
the true meaning of this poem –
This reflection of me.

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I wrote this poem while I was still at school studying poetry, and experienced a sudden deep sense of being too assuming, over-reflective, and analytical. I felt as though I was demanding of the poet’s ideas and feelings, and invasive of their work and thought. We don’t really know exactly what Shakespeare was feeling or trying to express when he wrote “let me not to the marriage of true minds”. (And the same goes for all poet’s everywhere.) We have a good idea – but its just that; an idea.
Poetry is an idea, a personal expression of feeling, inspiration, thought. Sometimes it would be best to just stand back, opinions reserved, and respect and appreciate poetry for what it is: A reflection of the poet themselves.


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  • Erika .
    Erika .over 5 years ago

    Mikyle I LOVE THIS!!!! This is freakin’ genius!!! It’s so true. Sometimes you just don’t have to pry apart every word to understand the poet or the meaning behind the written work, even though there are no hidden agendas, in the writer, otherwise they wouldn’t write, express themselves and let it out. Sometimes you just have to leave the artist, the poet, the dreamer to their own worlds and respect that. This is beautiful work. :)

  • Mikyle
    Mikyleover 5 years ago

    Thank you SO so much!!! You totally get exactly what I was trying to state and express. You’ve totally made my day!!! Yay. and Thanks again.

  • cathrinedp
    cathrinedpover 5 years ago

    WOW! And you have neatly summed up the soul of a poem…it is as it is, simply a thought.

  • Thank you so much for your comment! Means so much. And you’ve explained it beautifully.
    What I’m writing about is exactly that; the soul, the very essence of a poem.

    – Mikyle

  • Mikyle
    Mikyleover 5 years ago

    Thank you so much for your comment! Means so much. And you’ve explained it beautifully.
    What I’m writing about is exactly that; the soul, the very essence of a poem.

  • Daniel44
    Daniel44almost 5 years ago

    Iv thought about this quite alot, infact i can remember sitting in class with Miss holbrook, remember those days? hectic. i miss them. It used to frustrate me when how i analysed the poem was different to how she did, it immiediatly limits or gives the poem a specifis meaning. your poem sums it up great. Everything is subjective. It is so cool reading all of this, reflection…… we really have to conect more, make it a priority ok..I love it. I cant wait to see you. you know that?!

  • Aww cat! I just miss you so much!!! Thank you for reading my poem. Means so much…
    I so remember those school days… and I miss them too. Everything was just so easy back then. I guess probably like how things are easy now, but we just don’t see it like that, until of course they’re in the past and then we’ve already moved on. Bummer. Got to live in the moment I guess… Anyway. We totally have to connect more. xxx

    – Mikyle

  • david pearson
    david pearsonover 4 years ago

    hi mikyle – found the site – wow very deep emotion – realy enjoyed reading your work – had to sign up to leave a comment – hope you dont mind – i love analyze this ! it is a great piece !! – dave pearson

  • Thanks so much. Was really frustrated by people’s over anaylsis of poetry and the world.
    This is an old poem of mine though. I wrote this when I was still at school. Probably grade 10.

    – Mikyle

  • lukemiller
    lukemillerabout 4 years ago

    wow this is soooooooo good. the poem is a reflection of u! – sums up ur thoughts perfectly.
    hehe… is this also about the poem being u, where what u see is what u get? that we all poems in or own little way? haha thats how i first saw it when i read it da first time, den read the comments and re read ur poem. see both aspects now… u no wat im saying lol?

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