Otsego, United States

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Hi Everybody!

It’s been very hectic here with the new job and everything. I have not gone away and left you. I have not even had time to take the camera out. I will be around but not a lot for awhile. You all have a great weekend!!


work sold! & I have not gone away!

I would like to thank Visuddhi for purchasing 3 greeting cards! Thank you so very much! you made my day!

Also I would just like to let everybody know that I am still here. I started a new career and will be back on more and more when I get the hang of things. Thank you for all the support and friendship you all have showed me!

Take care


Kind of Exciting for me!

I was voted Avatar in two different groups!

Absolute Clarity Group.

NPC Group.

Top ten finish in Challenges:

Michigan Outdoors.

Waterlilly, Lotus and Hydrangea group.

All Things Photographic group.

Features this week:

Just wanted to thank everybody on my watch list for leaving wonderful comments and supporting my work! Thanks to all of the Group hosts for the features and for the people that enjoyed my work enough to vote for it in the challenges!

Take care
Mike :)

having issues

Is anybody having the same issues I’m having?

I can’t put work into groups.

I can’t get my new message button to go away even after I read all messages.

I can’t comment.

I can’t load new work.

Is it just me? Maybe my computer is possessed!

Let me know if you are, thanks