Mikoto Design Stolen and used on a Hair Straightner

Hey Bubblers,

Yet again I have found a mikoto design in a place I least expected it.

Well this time my brother found it. A Models Prefer hair straightener, from PriceLine, QLD with my design Geisha Grooves.

My Smiggle Saga was one ill never forget I wonder what will happen here:

The Original design and the culprit.

Evidence of when I put on on Redbubble Way back on 2007! Hats of to the redbubble for date stamping.

Thievery! I think Ill ring ACA!


  • IWML
    IWMLabout 3 years ago

    unbelievable! sucks so much.

  • plasmatwin
    plasmatwinabout 3 years ago

    that’s terrible! :( pity that others won’t use their own imagination and resort to stealing
    an artist’s work.

  • barstards. Lets get em! :p

    – mikoto

  • Melinda Kerr
    Melinda Kerrabout 3 years ago

    Man. This time you’ve got to go in hard.

  • I will. watch this space mel!

    – mikoto

  • zomboy
    zomboyabout 3 years ago

    Geez they like your work don’t they those thieving corporate pimps. Yeah ACA is the way to go!! It’s not nice when other people make money off your work. I have had my work stolen by various clowns also! Hence the big copyright sign on my profile! A site called 24hoursloot.com regularly steals off RB artists. I managed to get one of my works taken down but they still have another up!!

  • Its rampant hey.
    You gotta try and protect your works.

    – mikoto

  • R-evolution GFX
    R-evolution GFXabout 3 years ago

    You reckon some people might put up your work as theirs for stock or just offer them to companies to make the profit posing as you? as opposed to the companies outright stealing designs.

  • curly2alex
    curly2alexabout 3 years ago

    I see your macAir is photo bombing the shot you uploaded !
    Go get ’em Scotty.

  • mikoto
    mikotoabout 3 years ago

    It seems tempo Australia have no interest in accepting they stole this design.

    time to get em!

  • ushie
    ushiealmost 3 years ago

    try Creative Arts Law, for free legal advice, they really helped me out with a similar situation :) http://www.artslaw.com.au/