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Pontypridd, United Kingdom

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Im a versatile contemporary artist working and experimenting with various mediums. I am passionate about art and always look to challenge my creative boundaries, striving to produce unique/individual art.

My most widely used medium is acrylic and oils, however, digital & computer art is a close second. Pencil and watercolour will always have a place in my portfolio.

My paintings cover many different art styles and subjects, although portraits will always have a warm place in my heart.

I strive to create realism in my art with the use of colour, I follow no rules and experiment with every painting, this I know being a self-taught artist gives me an advantage.

I approach my work with the same process in every painting, experimenting and getting to know your medium is key. Even with commissions, I negotiate to maintain a certain amount of creative freedom with the subject matter.

The thought of creation is what drives my passion to paint. I paint from love, from the heart and for no other reason. Always imagining and visualizing the finished painting while staring at a blank canvas, the excitement of not knowing where each brush stroke will take you.

You have to let it flow directly from your soul and it can’t be staged or planned. I have a passion for art and a talent to share. My subjects are extremely varied. Art is what it is, you either like it or you don’t.

  • Joined: February 2010