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YOUTUBE_The Reverberations

the urban_reverberations

Reverberation: “The act or fact of echoing back sound”.
“The reflection of light or heat”.
“To be cast back, be reflected a number of times,
as light or heat”. (Definition from The World Book

This series observes & comments (in conceptual form) on the reverberation of the urban spaces fueled from human adrenaline, light, heat & the metaphoric element of sound, and the subsequent impact of these elements within the urban landscape.
In developing this series, my intention is to encapsulate a societal observation of 21st Century Life with a post-production style that is symbolic for the visual referencing & conceptual story telling of these images. Exploring & reflecting a mood that is layered, intense & complex. Utilizing urban spaces in which we interact with on a daily basis, but are often unaware of as a time-poor society in which the backdrop of our day’s journey is often a BLUR.
(I’m not sure I even have time to write this artist statement……)
Conceptualized & Photographed by Michael A. Morrison

© Michael A. Morrison 2009 All Rights Reserved


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