the urban_reverberations

Ive just posted a video (my first ever) on youtube of my photographic series urban_reverberations…….


Artist Statement:

Pause…….breathe……let yourself resonate with………the reverberations……………….

I first conceived, captured & produced this series in 2008/2009 (before the web was saturated with images using motion blur & blurring filters, ah, those were the days, lol)

cosmic cyber vibes : ))




  • Ted Byrne
    Ted Byrneabout 2 years ago

    POW er – FULL Michael. Do you know the work of Duane Michaels? You are channeling his mystery… which is one of the greatest compliments in my quiver. BTW… who did the music for your vid? You’ve married your feelings powerfully with that track. You are such an important talent. Congrats on the production.

  • WOW….Ted, your kind & extremely generous words here have really touched my heart, thank you very much….Im not familiar with Duane Michael’s works, no, however, I will look it up…….
    A Night In The Park John Kelley Electronic- is the music, this was not my original choice, however, I felt this piece resonated with the images… May I say, your kind sincere words have made my day, no, my month! Thank You : )

    – Michael A. Morrison

  • Hi Ted,
    Just wanted to let you know, Ive just looked up Duane Michaels, and wow, very inspiring!
    I would like to get one of his books in the near future, Im fascinated… and to think I was totally unaware of this brilliant talent………….
    Thanks so much for making me aware of his work,
    I NOW realize, the HUGE compliment you were bestowing upon me with your comment here,
    thank you

    – Michael A. Morrison

  • Ted Byrne
    Ted Byrnealmost 2 years ago

    I’m wonderfully pleased that I was the guy to introduce you to Duane Michaels. You are both masters of metaphore. He uncovered a glimmering vein in a mine that few others have entered or worked…. There’s so much more to discover and communicate. We all look forward to you imaginatively taking it much farther.

  • Your very kind Ted, thank you.
    This inspiration was exactly what I needed right now, and Im hoping will spur me on………..
    I have only just started to get some work/acknowledgment here within the “gallery system”, however, I find I constantly have the challenge of not being an artist who has much, if any, interest in working within “current trends”/or what everyone else is doing………..what to do…?…. Be ORIGINAL?? outraaaaaaaaaageous! Thanks again Ted : )

    – Michael A. Morrison

  • Jazzdenski
    Jazzdenskiover 1 year ago

    A great mix of image and music beautifully put together.

  • Hi
    Many thanks for your generous comment, happy to know you enjoyed this , cheers : )

    – Michael A. Morrison