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Mike  Savad

Mike Savad

Westfield, United States

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How the Grinch saved Christmas by Mike Savad

Twas a long time ago, in a town full of cheer
Many bought gifts because Christmas was near.

Buying gifts for friends, things they really can’t use
Friends tossing them out, as junky refuse.

Some traditions are very strange some would say
But the Grinch had other ideas that day.

For you see, the Grinch knew that Christmas was far too commercial
The buying of gifts seemed to be almost controversial

Buying junk that no one needed, just because it was on sale
Stuff no one cared about, yet bought it without fail.

He thought to himself, “I will save them, from themselves”
And with that he took all their gifts, and cleared off all their shelves.

People need culture and no need to hint
He replace it all with Fine Art Prints.

Art from Mike Savad he did buy,
He has a most fantastical eye

Gifts from the heart is what they were lacking
Gifts with thought, is what they are unpacking.

From that day on, and that day forward
Fine art prints is all that they ordered.

The Grinch saved us from ourselves
Let us be grateful we didn’t wait for the elves.

I create unique images that resemble paintings when finished. I specialize in nostalgia and occupational trades. I create HDR images which are shaded by hand. My work has a certain amount of depth that you won’t find in typical HDR images.

My work has been compare to Norman Rockwell, and several other artists. My images can easily be compared to Oil Paintings, and many have asked what medium I use. I don’t call these photographs anymore, while taken with a camera, the finished pieces really can’t be called a photograph. I prefer Art.

If you would like to know how I create these art works please visit my site:

All images © Mike Savad. All rights reserved. Copying and/or distributing without my permission is strictly prohibited.

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