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The absolute idea.

The absolute idea.

They say it was a “word” first, well… which… “you know who” had sad. But I can’t understand – didn’t he say it without thinking?

I’m looking through the window and there is a wonder of the world could be seen. The one of the highest tele-tower in the world. Has it been built by itself? No. It was built. Maybe nobody didn’t know what it would be? But they did know because the plan was existed. Maybe the plan was materialized from nothing? No. It was drawn.

But maybe they didn’t know what exactly they were drawing? No, they do. Because the IDEA was born by somebody and all was began from it.

And “you know who” had an IDEA and he sad a WORD and all begun from it!
Well… after some correcting of the Bible which we had made let’s move to some simpler things:-).

What do I want from my life?

I set that question to myself regularly. I can’t say that I revise my life’s plans completely but I do thoroughly correct them often, and always increase them. I wanted to do “X” last year and this year “X” too, but scale of today “X” is higher than last year’s one. And in this year I’m sorry that I didn’t think so bravely last year.

I noticed the tendency and drown a line from the past, through the present to the future. My ambition was taken as the line. Judging by this beautiful line I will be in the one line with people who are on the lips in twenty years. There are not any guaranties but probability is very high and it make me glad:-).

After I had been rejoiced I became deep in thought again. How will I reach to these shine high levels? What will have happened? What will be inside me and around that I don’t have right now? What will raise me higher?

The Harry Potter.
I met a note in one news-paper that an interpreter who translated the Harry Potter to Japanese paid about 6 million dollars tax. The tax is less then income obviously. Let’s say that it is about 30%. “Didn’t she get about 20 million dollars for the translation?!” I thought. Yes, she did and as you know the author of Harry Potter has become a first woman writer billionaire.

I’ve looked with another eye upon the book. With great respect… NO. GREAT RESPECT to the author. How genius she must be to write the book which all world is interested in!!!

And then I met the note in a news-paper where it was sad that Joan Rowling created her hero (who brought a milliards not to her, the only, but made reach many others people) when she, just a simple women, was traveling by train from somewhere to London.

And that penetrated me! It was an IDEA which come to her mind! The IDEA. Not a book. That was the thing that brought her everything! She got not only a milliard but respect, recognition and love of her riders, the name which was included in the cultural history, the ability for children to be proud of their mother, the friends among creams of society and so forth. I think it was all what she wanted and even more:-)
Was it the book at first? Of course NOT. It was an IDEA which coasted milliards before she had written the book as well as it was the world of “you know who” before he had created the Universe.

What will change natural course of things.
What then will have changed way of my life that I will fly dramatically, passing by gradual and wasting ascents?

An IDEA it will be!

An idea which will bring everything to me (material and non-material). It’s clear that the idea must be realized, but that is another question. The idea must be invented at first.

And the idea is that what I haven’t got… yet.

For example, I want to be a famous writer but at this moment I don’t have the idea what I should write about to become that person.

Another words the right, ambitious goal (to become the best in the world) exists. There are no questions either I can be or I can’t. Of course I can. The affair is how will I become that sort of person? What should I do?

The ambitious problem.
The lack of such kind of ideas is a problem, isn’t it? And the scale of the problem is total. There everything is good in my life, but I want more, much more (the strong ambitious). But I can’t get more without the IDEA (which will bring everything to me). Therefore if I want to get everything, I must solve the problem – to find the idea. There are no other variants, aren’t there?

The task is how can I settle the problem? It’s too much unconventional. Even more, the problem is so ambitious that it’s better not to tell anybody about it, because it looks like a childish dream to be an astronaut. Just sit down and devise an idea which will be the best in the world! It’s just ridiculous, isn’t it?

Well… For anybody it’s ridiculous but for someone that is a problem which he must solve.

Some ways to do that.
There are three ways to settle the problem:
• To wait till the idea will come by itself.
• To do something. To look for it actively.
• Just to stop to want an impossible things.

Is there something else? No. The task is which of the way to prefer?
I don’t even consider the third variant. It will be dull to live like this.

To wait for a while until it will come? I’m 37 right now. Till now the idea of the world level have not come to my mind. So how long should I wait? Till the end of my life? 10 years? Five? One year?

So it looks that the only variant “to find it by myself” has left. There are not another.

The doubts.
People, who are far away from creative work, persistently try to convince me, that it is impossible to be the father to idea. The idea must be born by itself. They say not every person can be the best writer (painter, businessman and so forth). Because… He must be born like this and all will come by itself. But if you are not lucky you can lay yourself out but nothing will happen.

The question: “How can I find out was I either born like that or no?”.
There is no way to know.

So should I go to fortune-teller or throw myself in the mercy of astrologer or undergo the psychological tests?

Nobody and nothing can help. If so I can be any kind of person, can’t I? The genius, for example.

What if I have thought up nothing the world scale means I’m not a genius.
Maybe… All maybe:-) And if so I may be a genius.

If I don’t have a great idea at present that doesn’t mean that I’m not able to create it. It doesn’t means anything. It’s a fact only which can be interpreted anyhow.

For example like this: "If you don’t have a great idea yet it means that you have not set yourself a question: “How can I find out the idea like this?”. And even you have done it you have not brought it to completion. That is all and there is anything more.
In this case you have to settle the problem further and will have settled it – to find the idea or the way how you can find it.

“Yes”, have answered the skeptic, “but there is not the guaranty!”. “Yes”, I’m answering in my turn, “and even more – the guaranty must not be!”.
Anything can give the guaranty that I will have found out such idea.
So that? Doesn’t it mean that I shouldn’t even try?

The absence of guaranty is an ordinary situation. It’s always happen when you try to jump above your head:-).

The point is not “Is it possible to find out such idea?”. The question is “How bigger is possibility that I will create it?”.

Why does possibility depend on?

On me. That is exactly. The more I move the more a possibility (but not a guaranty) that something reasonable will be.

As well I believe that all is possible in the life. It means that there is a possibility that if I set a conscious goal “to create an idea of world scale” I will reach it.

The name of the game is we don’t speak about “write the book the same as Garry Potter” or something like this. That is absolutely wrong question!!

We don’t talk about narrow duplication of successful model but about alignment to the best person of the world.

For example, the writer can set one’s mind on the writing the book equal scale as Harry Potter. It doesn’t mean that the book will be Harry Potter by (you):-). It means that the idea in the base of it will be equal to Harry Potter. It will be new, strong and high level of novelty.

It necessary to follow the example of the best person but not of his creative result.
The absolute goal. Meaning of life.

Let’s assume that I’ve decided to become the best writer in the world. I don’t know both genre of my book and what they will be about. But I do know that I must be the best in it.

So the problem got up in front of me – to find out the idea which will be equal to Harry Potter. There is an exciting condition – I don’t have enough time to wait till the idea will come.

I’m 37 years old. There is no much time left and if haven’t got the idea yet that means I have to stand up and go to somewhere to find something:-).

The solving of the problem will bring everything to me – money, recognition, respect, love, cause to proud me for my children and so forth.

That means the solving of the problem is a MAIN THING IN MY LIFE. This is meaning of my life – to find the idea. The money, love, children, friendship, traveling, freedom – all these secondary. All these are good but minor things only. The meaning of my life – to find my great idea. That’s all. I have to do the finding only. I must spend all time I have for it. It is necessary to do that.

Concluding part.
There is some persons who are lucky. They needn’t work hard to invent the idea. And there is people who must work hard to get luck. I’m the second one:-). How about you?

It passed about 2-3 years since J.K.Wrolling had invented the Harry Potter. What was he doing while the time? It is not a secret. She’s telling about it in some her interviews – she was considering about 2 years and writing a book for a year. But it too much to think about the book for two years, isn’t it? What did she think about? How to realize the idea – the book.

Yes, there was an idea first but before the word had come “you know who” had thought very qualitatively about what the word exactly he must say:-).

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The absolute idea.


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The article about creative process and ambition goal.

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