The Kitchen Countertop, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
March 4, 2010

Click on the wee “view larger” thingy, but only if you feel like it….

I was getting dinner ready this evening and, being a creature of habit, I started to fill one of the kitchen sinks with hot water and a splash of dish detergent. I’m “clean as you go” in the kitchen because I hate having to tackle a load of dirty dishes and utensils after I’ve eaten. But I digress…

While I was filling said sink, I noticed a little movement in the other one and this spider came into view. A tiny body, but such lovely long legs! And those long legs were having a bit of a hard time getting up the stainless steel sides. So, being the kind and gentle soul that I am, plus having a minor plague of fruit flies going on at the moment, I rescued this little spidie and put it on the countertop, hoping that, out of gratitude, it would take care of my little fly problem. The kitchen looks like a miniature airport at the moment. Heathrow springs to mind. Anyway, it was probably just a tad unnerved by being rescued, and it stopped for a moment or two on my notepad for a breather. This is the notepad where I make my list all my grocery shopping requirements, by the way. The same list I nearly always forget when I go out.

I took one look and memories of childhood came flooding back. The acidic snarl of a teacher: “Oxley! Your handwriting looks like a drunk and diarrhetic spider has just crawled across the page!”

Nice to see some things never change…..

Sony Alpha 700, Sigma 17 to 70 at 70 mm
iso 100, spot metered, F4.5, 1/8 second


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  • Kay Kempton Raade
    Kay Kempton Raadeover 3 years ago

    Ahhh, what a great story and what a mean teacher. (I might have left out the diarrhetic)

  • Many thanks, Kay, and I left out a lot! The teacher was me Dad…..

    – Mike Oxley

  • Dorothy Thomson
    Dorothy Thomsonover 3 years ago

    I just love spiders!!! And the view large thingie really shows him off!!
    Im also impressed that you get as far as making a list……..I mean to, but I always forget. Lucky I have a shop over the road lol :-)

  • LOL! Thanks so very much Dorothy. I started bringing a list because I began to forget the odd thing. Now I forget the list….So I get out and about a fair bit on Saturdays and try not to go to the same store twice….

    – Mike Oxley

  • Manon Boily
    Manon Boilyover 3 years ago

    really cool Mike… but so creepy!….

  • Much appreciated, Manon. Thank you! Just a tiny little spider, too small to be creepy! :o)

    – Mike Oxley

  • ginabgood1
    ginabgood1over 3 years ago

    Me and spiders….no….I’d have to sell the house LOL, great image though!

  • LOL! Many, many thanks for your very kind words, Gina. There’s always room for spiders at my place during the winter. Once the weather warms up a bit, I gently put them outside.

    – Mike Oxley

  • Manon Boily
    Manon Boilyover 3 years ago

    even small ones are creepy Mike! I know cause I’m a specialist in spider phobia! lol

  • LOL! You and my sister would get along just fine! She’s a specialist, too!

    – Mike Oxley

  • weecoughimages
    weecoughimagesover 3 years ago

    Brilliant capture .. Wee Cough

  • Much appreciated, Wee Cough! Many thanks.

    – Mike Oxley

  • Fred Mitchell
    Fred Mitchellover 3 years ago

    Viewing larger you can see his friendly smile.

  • LOL! Many thanks, Fred.

    – Mike Oxley

  • PhotosByHealy
    PhotosByHealyover 3 years ago

    Great story to go along with a decent capture, Mike. Well done.


  • Thanks so very much, Gene! Greatly appreciate your very kind words.

    – Mike Oxley

  • stickelsimages
    stickelsimagesover 3 years ago

    You’re a male mate,
    we need lists, just ask any femme, we can only do one thing at a time & we can only remember 3 things on a list when we go shopping!!!!
    I’m an inveterate list maker
    We don’t multitask well mate!!!!
    & talk about lists this poor little Daddy Long-Legs [he looks similar to one like that here in Oz] looks like he’s listing too, maybe to starboard!!!!
    Maybe one too many soap suds….
    Nice shot
    Cheers Lee

  • Many thanks! Truer words never spoken, Lee! Previously, I never needed a list and remembered not only what I needed, but what was missing over at my sister’s. As mentioned, these days, I’m lucky to remember the list. And, speaking of lists, you’re right. The wee spider is definitely showing a bit of a lean. I wonder if it’s a sag of relief at being rescued or if it had grabbed a fruit fly that had just left my empty, but still to be washed, brandy glass.

    – Mike Oxley

  • Aileen David
    Aileen Davidover 3 years ago

    Aww, you big softie! I hope the spider had a good time at the “airport”…and who needs good handwriting anyway :) (says the one with “chicken scratches” for a penmanship, lol!)

  • Thanks so very much, Aileen! I think it’s hanging around the airport because there seems to be a few less of the wee flies around. And my writing always was pretty bad, but with the computer age being upon us for so long, it’s now atrocious! :o)

    – Mike Oxley

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