Wilropark, South Africa

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Too Late???

I was walking through a retirement village yesterday and overheard this conversation:

An elderly lady was talking of her daughters and was saying that she hardly ever gets to see them and explained that that was because they are incredibly busy. She said that she didn’t mind really because as long as they were busy, they were getting on and doing something with their lives….

This struck me so forcefully and gave me food for thought and yes, cause for regret as well. Both of my parents haved passed on and to my shame and regret I must admit that I was also very busy getting on with my life – working all the hours that God sent.

Looking back now, with kids of my own also busy getting on with their lives, I wish, I do so wish, that I made the time to visit and spend more ti…

Eyefetch revamp???!!!

Hi there,

I haven’t been very active on any sites for a while now and I’ve only recently noticed that Eyefetch is getting a long awaited revamp.

From what I’ve seen on the “sneek peek” it looks pretty exciting…

Has anyone else had a look and what do you think (apart from all the squables and problems they used to have – I’m talking about the look and feel of the new site…)




I’m rather chuffed that my entry to the photography competition in a national daily newspaper called “Beeld” in the nature category has been accepted and was published in the newspaper over the weekend!

The entry was a version of my “Royal Monarch” photo:

The competition closes on the 31st January whereafter voting/judging will commence.

Wish me luck (patricularly as there are Canon 450D’s to be won ;o)



R/C Model Series

Hi there,

I’m posting a series of shots taken of various Radio controlled, flying scale models taken at AFB Zwartkops, RSA.

I’m appealing for help in identifying the makes and/or models in the pics as I couldn’t get the info at the time. If you could post the info as a comment on each pic or BM me, I’ll update the image.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Thanks and regards,



Yesterday evening I received official notification that I’m getting on a bit…

The cashier at the local Spar rang up the Wednesday “pensioners discount” on my purchases…

Hey – I’m only 52, maybe (definately) a bit (a lot) silver-haired (bright grey) and I don’t think the mileage shows…. Talk about “you know when you’re getting old when….” ;o)

Anyway – it gave me a good chuckle and was the high point of a pretty lousy day…