I am an artist and photographer. I live in Ireland. I love imaginative art in painting & photography.

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Viewing pictures

If I haven’t commented on some of your pictures lately, it’s not that I don’t care. I can’t seem to access some of your pictures,so if I don’t comment it’s because I can’t.
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Looking at corpses

I’m looking at corpses in water / trying to stand up straight. / Their heads are all bent, / they are in a sorry state. / Their eyes are shut but what’s the point, / they never could see anyway. / “I brought them in from the garden, / I was afraid they’d get trampled on” / But what’s the point of saving them, / if you’ve murdered them instead.
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I know a young woman

I know a young woman who writes poetry, she says she has to / Her mother sings, she says she wants to / She only sings to the privileged, / she entertains them she says / If they don’t come back, she knows they’re not / I know a young lady who paints, why shouldn’t she / She has to do something while her mother sings and her sister poems / She paints in Acrylics and oils, why w…
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The world of never to be.

I’m writing a book, at least I was, / I planned it all out, with pictures because / It was to be illustrated, by myself it was / With big words and small ones, and even some posh ones / I’ll sell it and make loads of dosh, so I will. / I’m not writing a book anymore, it’s finished. / When will we see it in print, why never? / It will never see the light of day, why not? / …
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