Mike was born in Aylesbury in the UK. From a very early age he felt frustrated that he didn’t have any talent to either draw or paint, although says that he always had powerful, sometimes disturbing, images in his head that he just couldn’t capture.

He started to use cameras when very young, starting as many did then with a Brownie 127, then a Kodak Starmite, getting his first Halina 35mm by the age of about 12 in the early 1960’s. This was initially to the great amusement (and some concern) of his parents and art teacher, for by 1964’ish Mike seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time lurking in early morning misty graveyards with his, by then, trusty Zenith B around his neck. His camera of latter choice for many years afterwards was a Mamiya C330.

Mike left school at the age of 16 with few qualifications and became a professional photographer, working mainly in large format Industrial, commercial and advertising photography. He was using cameras ranging from a 1940’s Leica M1, through to a 10 × 8 Sinar and a very large wooden Gandolfi from the 1920s; the Gandolfi was pushed around on wheels, with the ‘B’ shutter being released by using a rubber squeeze bulb. Mike was probably one of the last generation of photographers to mix up developers from raw chemicals with a mortar and pestle very Monday morning, with just enough to last a week. He quit after 20 years feeling jaded and bored….then went to University for 5 years…. trained and worked as a Probation Officer for another 23 years, only taking snaps, often on disposable cameras and getting them printed by Truprint; Mike told me this was probably some form of protest as he had certainly not heard at the time that David Hockney was doing the same sort of thing in the USA, albeit cutting and pasting his drugstore snaps into spectacular collages.

Now retired, when asked why he is on Redbubble, Mike told me… “In my mid 50’s I discovered digital and became interested again without having to poison my hands with chemicals, from which I still suffer till this day. So now I am back and planning to start exhibiting …D’reckly…….. "

If you are in the UK and want to buy cutting edge Archive Quality prints from him direct, then send Mike a Bubblemail.

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Hello all, / as well as my photographs on here, my wife and I also now have a Blog, entitled ‘Cornwall: Life,Death & All Inbetween’ which you can find at :- / / enjoy.
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