It’s a tee. It’s a dress. It’s the new Graphic T-shirt Dress.


NEW 2012 "Creatures in my mind" Calendar

I don’t cry during cooking shows or root upon hearing about the corruption of champions (real or imagined)… but I do dream of characters doing certain things… (real or imagined) and to that end, I’ve created a new Wall Calendar for 2012. In this calendar you’ll not only see things you’ve never seen before but you will feel giddiness and joy with each passing month… solely upon seeing the new image represented for that month.
I can’t imagine anything else bringing such joy, so get in on the joy ride through 2012 and buy yourself or someone you like, admire or think of in a good way a copy of “Creatures in my mind” Calendar for 2012. Every month in 2012 you’ll thank yourself.
Cheers to you.

NEW 2012 Abstract Art Calendar

It’s that time of year again where we look at the calendar and see it slipping away as we drink our tea and look out the window at the wind blowing, rain falling and the temperature dropping… a ghastly bit of business this time of year…
And so we turn our attention away from the misery and wonder how we can best lift our spirits. Looking to the holidays is one way. The fun times that the holidays bring and all that stuff. But sometimes one needs a little bit of brightness every day to pick up the old self and get it moving. To that end I propose my brand NEW 2012 Abstract Calendar, with it’s big bold ideas of color, style and thoughtfulness.
One look at this bold new creation and you think… by god I feel better already!
So why not purchase one now for yourself …


Mostly resting.
An old friend stepped up to take me to the surgery center and back. When
we got back to my place another old friend, Anne was waiting. I was handed off to Anne and
she watched over me for the next 24 hours. The perfect person to watch me
for that time. She is so gentle and caring. Like a Mom would be. We watched
“Road to Perdition” and “The Incredibles” on DVD then went to bed. I had to
sleep in the big comfy chair because the doctor’s didn’t want me to protect
me from swallowing something from the back of my sinuses and to also not
roll over onto my nose in anyway. I have to sleep like that for a few
nights. My nose is still bleeding a bit but it’s not been too much since the
When they put me out I didn’t even have time to c…

Surgery tomorrow morning...

What can I say? If I don’t make it out of the surgery alive, it was a gas being on this site and chatting with such great artists and wonderful people. If I make it out alive and the surgery works… well, then I’ll be able to breath and smell and be normal again… I hope.

Keeping my fingers crossed that everything will be ok.


New Project on Kickstarter..."The Super Alphabet"

Hi everyone! I’ve started a new project on Kickstarter. It’s my new kids picture book “Super Alphabet”. It’s my new children’s picture book about my version of the alphabet. Each letter has been supped up and is a lot of fun to look at. I’ve got a terrific new video that I created to help promote it. Please stop by and take a look. I would greatly appreciate in advance if you contribute but I totally understand if money is tight. If you could take a few minutes to post the link to other sites and possibly send it to friends who might be interested, that would help greatly and you would have my undying appreciation. Keeping my fingers crossed and working on the text for the interior of the book.
Here’s the link:

The Super Alphabet

I just finished a rough cut of a book trailer for my “ABC” children’s picture book that I’ll be publishing later this year, hopefully in time for the holidays.
It’s now on YouTube,… check it out:

The Misanthropic Coloring book project on Kickstarter!

Check out my new project and donate money if you like what you see. I have till August to get funded. Donate a small amount or donate a bunch. I will thank you no matter what. Here’s the link and a description.


I’m looking to create a coloring book for adults that reflects the frustrations of dealing with people’s rudeness both in terms of today’s societal misgivings but how the population terribly handles the intrusion of technology in all of our lives. It’s mostly funny with a vane of truth running through it. The reader will be instructed to color each page with the colors that best represent their feelings about each subject.

The money will be used to cover my expenses in creating the art, …

My work on Avatar Kinect...
Finally I can be a bit proud of something that I worked on at Microsoft that is actually coming to market.
I worked on this over the last 6 months on a great team.

Look at the trailer and toward the end you’ll see the avatars in rooms that are outside, like, Spring summer, winter (in the video) and fall (also in the video)…… I designed all the art for those rooms. I also designed all the art for the Emotes in each room. (even for the themed rooms I didn’t design.) Those are reward animations that are related to each theme.

A side note…. my team did a motion capture of Steve Ballmer and rushed to have it finished for Consumer Electronics Show.

<iframe title="YouTube video player" class="youtube-player" type=…

My website updates! New stuff!

I just updated most sections of my website this weekend. Lots of NEW art. The “Store” section now has Book Trailers of all my Art Books so far, including the recent “New Century Abstracts”. I’ve also added a new section that features Animations that I’ve done for Casual Games over the years. I’ve only put up a few for right now but I’ll have more over the next 6 months to a year, so come back and look around.

Here are the sections that were updated:


Game Art:

Abstract Art:


Concept Sketches:

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