Hello, I’m an active person in my late fifties who has had a passion for photography since moving to Tasmania more than 20 years ago. My family has grown up here and we just love the place. I love the feeling of being fit and my other interest is orienteering.

I retired from teaching recently and am now relishing the challenge of trying to make a living out of my photography – it’s a great challenge and a lot of fun. You can see my latest images on my bubble site and more of my photography at

I’m looking forward to meeting many of you in the groups.


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Off to New Zealand for a while

I’ve only been in Red Bubble for a week or two, but have become addicted I think. Thanks to everyone who has put me on their watchlist, it’s a real thrill. / I’m off to New Zealand for about 4 weeks – part business, part holiday. I have a NZ photo book which is selling over there and I want to push the marketing of it a bit. I don’t need an excuse to visit NZ as I lo…
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