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“An artist is a mechanic of their own consciousness. They work on their emotions, fix their ideals and paint their mind(s).” Michael’s a freelance graphic designer. Coffee, gardening, photography, life drawing, soccer, cycling, beer, dumplings and chicken parmas keep him alive.

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a new year, a new calendar

The newness. Get it while it’s hot
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Penny's back by popular demand

I’ve re-photographed some of my drawings and they’re now available for sale. There’s a nice series (that’d look great as a triptych!) of Penny:
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triptych, diptych and polyptych

just wondering if there’s any plans afoot to allow people to create trip, dip or polytych arranged pieces? sure people can buy each piece separately and hang them side by side but what about a single frame with three images within it? / the last three photos posted in my portfolio could be an example of such a thing… might look good above a loo, or in the kitchen or something.
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perhaps just one entry per person?

The unleashed competition seems a bit out of control. People are adding the unleashed07 tag to almost every photo they upload, making trawling through the entries a bit long winded and pointless. / Perhaps RB can limit it for the next comp to just one image per person? It’ll make the quality much higher!
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