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HI everybody , first of all my apologies for my poor english ,I am an art teacher in small town in Uruguay ,south america ,( Maldonado city) .
As you can see I love compositions ,simple but very realistic .I think it is a very interesting thing to learn shapes ,volume and versatility of an object .
I am a believer in art as a lenguage of the heart and I think that even the most simple object composition sustain a deep feeling of being alive that only an artist can inprint in a canvas creating the illution of a tri-dimentional reality in a bi-dimentional canvas .

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I was born in Maldonado ,Uruguay (South America) in 1966. / I attended Maldonado Art school ( Escuela de Bellas Artes ) and studied with the very well known in USA ,Europe and South America , Master CARLOS TONELLI and proffessor MIGUEL BATEGAZORE. / In 1991 ,1997 and 2001 got envolve in several show rooms trough out Uruguay earning recognisment among the artistic local circuit . / After winn…
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