Take all the time you like as it took me a while to put this gallery together. In short, I’m a self taught artist and have been drawing/doodling since I could pick up a pen. I get inspired when having a blank sheet of paper in front of me with a new set of pens and can only imagine what that once blank canvas will be when I’m finished. I start anywhere I want the pen to drop and let the rest of the work and ideas flow. Most of my pieces I’ve completed over a 3-9 month period with some over a couple of years spending a few hours here and there with some of the larger pieces taking 50+ hours to complete. I’ve yet to complete a piece in a single sitting…I think I’d go crazy and lose some of the creativeness that comes through doing these over time. One thing for sure, drawing is something I’ll always have and love, it allows me to express myself in a unique way that’s very self satisfying, rewarding, and will be around beyond my years.
Leave comments, ideas, I’m open for commission request and just meeting new people with passion to do what they love and creative perspective with what surrounds them.

That’s me in a nut shell of sorts…feel free to connect and get to know me better.

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