Who wants to come and photograph trees with me??

On Sunday, May 4th (which isn’t that far away, really!!), I’ll be running a photography tour around the beautiful town of Bright in North-East Victoria, thanks to Boynton’s Feathertop Winery.

As part of the renowned Bright Autumn Festival (when the whole town turns orange and red and yellow and all shades of beautiful), I’ll be taking a group to the most picturesque locations so we can photograph the trees in all their magnificence. The day includes lunch, and the chance to learn about trees and photography from ABC TV personality Angus Stewart and me. The day ends with us all back at Boynton’s winery for cheese platters (and wine if you choose!) on the lawn, photographing the vineyard and Mt Buffalo at sunset.

It would be wonderful if you could join me!! Or …

A quick hello

Hi everyone,

I just want to apologise for not being very active so far this year. You’ve been writing such lovely comments on my work and I feel really bad that I haven’t had time to reciprocate! As most of you know, I have a full time job that has nothing to do with photography, and unfortunately, one of my staff members had to undergo surgery unexpectedly and so I’ve been trying to do both our jobs. As a result, I’ve been working ten-and-a-half hour days for the past four weeks. The surgery went well, and I have been able to find someone to temporarily fill that role, so hopefully life will go back to normal-busy instead of insane-busy very soon and I’ll be able to spend some more time on photography and RB!

Again – thank you very much for all your lo…