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New Hope for RB Photographers?

I know I’m not the only RedBubble photographer who has become increasingly disheartened (… dismayed … folorn … heart-broken…) by the gradual, inoxerable and indisputable path RB has been taking towards commercial, design-based/cartoon-like products at the expense of … well, the rest of us.

I’ve been around long enough to remember when illustrators never got a look-in… which wasn’t fair either, but that’s how it was. (Remember those early days? Those heady days when just about everything on the Homepage was the very best of photography? Remember these???). I remember when RB stopped supporting the writers. They were very upset in the beginning, but it became clear over time that there was no going back. Then the new Homepage happe…

Fare Well, Gary Kelly. We'll miss you :(

It is with deep and genuine sadness that I convey the passing of a RedBubble favourite: Gary Kelly.

This morning, I received an email from a friend of Gary’s, and I’d like to let him tell the story:

“Dear Mieke,

I was so glad to find your email address on your Red Bubble Profile page. I am a long time reader of Gary Kelly’s Aussie Odyssey blog and I wanted to let you know that Gary passed away on April 19th. As I am sure you knew, he had surgery for cancer in the floor of his mouth just over three years ago, and went through radiation treatment and then, about two and a half years ago, he had his teeth removed in preparation for getting dentures, but because the radiation therapy had damaged the vascularity of the tissue in his mouth, they could not get the tiss…

MAPS (Master - Australian Photographic Society)! (shhh... it's a secret)

If someone asks you to keep a secret, you do. Right?

Well I do.

But in this case, there’s no point keeping the secret, so I’m taking a moment to get excited that I’ve achieved my “Master” honours status with the Australian Photographic Society!

You’ve never heard of it? Well, I’m not surprised. Since its inception in 1962, the Australian Photographic Society has only awarded the “Master” honour to a grand total of 24 Australians. And it takes lots of work (and diligent record-keeping) to achieve it.

So what’s involved? Well, the MAPS honour can be achieved in two ways – by panel assessment, or by exhibition. I chose the latter method, which requires candidates to submit photographs (print or digital) to (approved) Internati…

I made a website: www.miekeboynton.com

It’s a bit of “old news” for anyone who has liked my page on Facebook (www.facebook.com/MiekeBoyntonPhotography) and I wasn’t sure whether it was worth mentioning here… but then I thought that some of you might be considering setting up your own dedicated website, so I decided I should write something!

The news is:
I have a new website.


I’d been thinking about having my own website for a while, and then John Conway recommended Zenfolio to me, so I signed up!

Zenfolio is a website-hosting company specifically aimed at photographers (http://www.zenfolio.com) and after many years of RedBubble changes… (new layouts, new formatting, new drag-and drop, new set-up locations…), I actually sort of knew what I was doing. Whoever …

Come and join us in beautiful Cradle Mountain, Tasmania!

I’m starting to get excited… The count-down to “Focus on the Fagus Week” in Tasmania has begun!

What is Fagus Week?? Well, if you click here you can read more about it, but in a nut-shell, it’s where you can hang out with some super-talented and very fun photographers, see some incredible Aussie alpine scenery during the “Turning of the Fagus”, participate in some informal workshop sessions and take some fantastic photos! If this sounds like your idea of a good time, then you should join us!

I’m looking forward to catching up with “the regulars” again either up the mountain or down by the fire in “The Tav”… and I’m looking forward to meeting “the first-timers” too!

When? April 26th – May 3rd 2…

Landscape Photography and the Art of Listening

On October 28th, I did a Pecha Kucha talk here in Broome, and I just thought I’d share it here on RB for those who may have come to see it were they not so far away :) :) :) The format of Pecha Kucha is 20 slides / 20secs per slide = 6min40secs. Short and sweet!

A huge “thank you!!!” to everyone who came, to Allison Stout who organised the event, to Graeme for recording the presentations and to Gary for being the photographer on the night!

Although the timing got mucked up a bit in the online version, you can click here to listen to me reading my ‘poem’ and view the actual presentation

Landscape Photography and the Art of Listening.


My name is Mieke Boynton, and I’m a Landscape Photographer.

The land is never silent.
Never empty.
It is alive and it speaks…

Thank you for 5 years of bubbling!

I noticed today that it’s my RedBubble five year anniversary this month!

For five years RedBubble has provided a place for me to:
- share my photography on a free and dynamic platform with you wonderful people, and with the rest of the world
- be part of an incredibly talented artistic community
- be constantly inspired by astounding Visual Art of all genres and media
- meet other Bubblers from all over the World: in Tassie for Fagus Week , in Melbourne for our photo walks , and when Bubblers have come to the Kimberley and sent me a Bubblemail so that we can do a shoot together. It has been such a pleasure to meet so many amazing artists!
- make life-long friends :) :) :)
- sell more than 850 photographic items online, and purchase my own work to sell at my weekend market stall

Yes, we a…

IPW Indonesia - The Final Day - Bayan Village (West Lombok) and Sendang Gile Senaru Waterfall (North Lombok)

As you know, International Photography Week Indonesia was held from June 6th – 17th 2014 in Indonesia. Though it was only ten days of photography, it has taken me sixteen weeks to complete my photos and journals for this amazing trip. The sheer magnitude of events was stunning, and the organisation that was behind it simply boggles the mind. Here, finally, is my last journal!

On the final day of IPWI 2014, we travelled to West Lombok.

Bayan Village

Everyone was so welcoming and happy at Bayan Village! You could really feel the community spirit there. Almost everyone was in their traditional costumes – and the fabric was absolutely beautiful. They’d clearly prepared well in advance for our arrival.

When we first arrived, I don’t think any of us really understood jus…

IPW Indonesia - Day 9 - Sade Village, Kuta Beach and Batu Payung (Lombok Island)

Our first destination on Day 9 of International Photography Week Indonesia 2014 was Sade Village – a traditional Sasak Village – near Mataram.

Sade Village

Sade village is a very traditional village, with many homes having earthen/dung floors, woven bamboo walls and thatched straw roofs. We were fortunate to be met by an enthusiastic guide (with a microphone!) who spoke English quite well. He explained many elements of traditional Sasak life to us before we went into the village.

To be perfectly honest though, after nine days of very little sleep, and so many cultural experiences, I don’t remember a lot of what he told us. I’ve had to fill in the gaps by doing a bit of internet research. Thank you Google!

Despite forgetting most of the commentary, the welcome we re…

IPW Indonesia - an EPIC Day 8 on Lombok Island

Sunrise at Senggigi Beach, Lombok Island was a colourless gradual lightening of the sky. Not great for a landscape photographer. And even worse for a landscape photographer who’d stayed up all night putting together a presentation of her work to present to a group the following evening.

Okay, so I’ll stop with the third-person descriptions now :) Basically, I should have stayed in bed for sunrise on Day 8, because I was absolutely exhausted. But we’d hardly had any opportunities for landscape photography (apart from middle-of-the-day, full-sun, boring-light photos which don’t count) so I didn’t want to risk missing one of the few sunrises I had to work with.

Anyway, this was my best shot of the morning. Not exactly worth writing home about!!

That’s a co…