Collections and Carousels... how to edit the settings.

I just bmailed a friend [who I won’t name and shame!!] who had asked for help in changing settings in his Collections (so that they will show up as Carousels under his photos).

I thought this might be of benefit to others (and he agreed), so I’m including it here:

How to create and re-order your Collections.

Go to your Profile Page.
Click on your “Portfolio” tab (second tab from the left, under your Avatar).
You’ll see a list of your collections on the left of the page. From here you can re-order the collections (Drag and drop) or add new ones (click “New Collection” at the bottom of the list).

How to Delete a Collection

Go to your Profile Page.
Click on your “Portfolio” tab (second tab from the left, under your Avatar).
Click on the Collection you want to delete. Then look at the top right of the page where it has the word “Edit” in red. Click on the arrow down and the option “Delete Collection” will show up. Click that.

How to Change the Order of Works within the Collection (and therefore, the Carousel)

To change the order of works that show up in your Carousel, you have to choose the Default order of your Collections.

Go to your “Profile” page.
As you hover over each collection “cover”, a symbol of a wheel/cog/gear will appear. Click on that and choose the default view – you have 4 options. “Top Selling”, “All time Popular”, “Recent” and “Custom”. If you choose any of the first 3 options, they’ll show up in your carousel in that order.

If you want to choose the order yourself, select “Custom”. Then once you’ve done that, you have to put them in the order you want them to show up in. To do that you need to go back to the Portfolio View (Click “Portfolio” under your Avatar) and then click on the Collection you want to put in order.

Within the collection, try to drag and drop stuff around. If it’s in “Custom” view, it’ll “stick”. If not, it’ll ask whether you want to go to Custom View so do that. Your newest works always show up at the bottom of the page (presumably so it doesn’t muck up the order you set before). If you want your most recent works to show up first, you’ll need to drag them all the way to the top of the page. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE THE ORDER at the bottom of the page when you’re done.

How to remove a photo/artwork you accidentally put in the wrong Collection.

Go to your Profile Page.
Click on your “Portfolio” tab (second tab from the left, under your Avatar).
Click on the Collection that has the errant image in it.
Find the misplaced image and drag it to the very bottom of the page. A red bar will appear with “Remove” inside it and the thumbnail of your photo. Over on the right you will see a button that says “Remove 1 work and save order.” Click on the button.
If you moved it there accidentally, there’s also a small red “Cancel” just above the bar on the right. Just click “Cancel” and it will go back to where it was before.

Hope that’s helpful!



  • Gary Kelly
    Gary Kellyover 2 years ago

    Jeez, your friend must be a real dummy hahahahaha! ahem

  • :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    – Mieke Boynton

  • ozzzywoman
    ozzzywomanover 2 years ago

    thanks Mieke, it’s often hard to find where these things are (now) buried…

  • I know :(
    No problem. Glad it’s helpful.

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Josie Jackson
    Josie Jacksonover 2 years ago

    Thank you Mieke, most informative and helpful :o)x

  • My pleasure, Josie!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Gary  Davey (Jordy)
    Gary Davey (J...over 2 years ago

    Thanks Mieke :)

  • No problem, Jordy. It took a little while to figure it out but it’s not so bad when you know where to look!!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • fernblacker
    fernblackerover 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for sparing some of your time to share all this information with us Mieke, greatly appreciated :-)

  • My pleasure. Glad I can help!!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Stephanie Aughenbaugh
    Stephanie Aughenbaughover 2 years ago

    Thank you for taking the time to type this out! Very helpful. :)

  • No problem, Stephanie! :) Thanks for the thanks!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Jennie  Stock
    Jennie Stockover 2 years ago

    Hi Mieke – helpful info, thanks for the tips. I had figured most of those out but am wondering if you can help with something related – recently I accidently dragged an image into the wrong collection and couldn’t figure out how to get it out again. I ended up deleting the image altogether and reloading it but would think it should be easier. Any ideas?

  • Yes – you need to drag it to the bottom of the page and a red bar will appear with the words “Remove image”. You click ok (or save or whatever) and it drops out of the collection :)

    I’ll add that to the above too :)

    – Mieke Boynton

  • ElRobbo
    ElRobboover 2 years ago

    Great stuff, Mieke~!

  • Thanks, Rob! Hope it helps!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Leanne Robson
    Leanne Robsonover 2 years ago

    I had to “favourite” so i can easly find it later. Thanks :))

  • No worries! If you have any questions, feel free to bmail me, Dharna :)

    – Mieke Boynton

  • viennablue
    viennablueover 2 years ago

    thank you for this information, most informative, wish they would tell us in advance when they plan to change things! :-)

  • No problem… and yes, I agree :)

    – Mieke Boynton