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Foto Freo Festival (Fremantle, WA)

Firstly, I must apologise for being so tardy in responding to your wonderful comments lately… I have been really ‘under the pump’ with work and I’ve not had any time to play on RB :( :( :( I’m sorry!!! I hope things will quieten down soon and I won’t have to be so rude anymore.

Okay, so I just wanted to put in a quick plug for the Foto Freo Festival which is currently underway in Fremantle (near Perth), Western Australia.

I can’t go.

So why this Journal entry?

Well, apart from the fact that there’s a whole heap of photography workshops and exhibitions and other cool stuff, they also had a competition called WA Life and I managed to get three of my photos into the Final 36 images, which are currently on display at various locations around Fremantle.

So because I can’t go, I’d be so thrilled if other Bubblers could!! There’s a huge program which began on March 17th and runs until April 15th, and of course there are the 36 images (including mine) in shop windows around Fremantle for you to have a look at. There’s a full list of locations here

If you’re lazy like me, and you prefer not to click on links unless you absolutely have to, here are the photos of mine that made the finals, and the locations where they’re showing:

Sunset: Derby-style on show at the Birkenstock shoe shop at 19a Marine Terrace

Photo courtesy Carolien Evans (thank you!)

Last Light on show at Valentine’s Camerahouse at 83 Market Street

Photo courtesy Carolien Evans (thanks, Mum!)

Photo courtesy Carolien Evans


The Observer on show at “The Home Provedore” at 39 Market St.

Photo courtesy Carolien Evans

I have to say a MASSIVE thank youu!!! to John Conway who told me about the competition and encouraged me to enter… and continued to ask me whether I’d heard anything about it yet… thanks for your support, John. Yeah- I owe you, I know!!!


  • mellychan
    mellychanover 2 years ago

    oh mieke, thank you for posting this – i shall like it on fb, and encourage my perth peeps to check it out!

  • Awww… THANK YOU, MEL!!! :) :) :) That’d be awesome!!!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Mel Brackstone
    Mel Brackstoneover 2 years ago

    massive congrats, Mieke!!!

  • Thanks heaps, Mel!!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • I’ve just put some photos up of what they look like in the shops (thanks to Mum!)… just in case you want a squiz!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • John Conway
    John Conwayover 2 years ago

    26 finalists and 36 images, three of which you have in, that’s impressive. No matter what happens you’ve done very well I think. Good Luck anyway :)

  • Thank you, John. And thanks heaps for being so encouraging always. I don’t think you’ll get your $500 though… sorry!!! I know it was a joke, but should my intuition prove wrong, the promise stands :) :) :)

    – Mieke Boynton

  • I’ve just put some photos up of what they look like in the shops (thanks to Mum!)… just in case you want a squiz!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • james smith
    james smithover 2 years ago

    Way to go Mieke !!
    keep it up :-))

  • Thanks, James! (There’s actually a $5000 prize for the winner… I am pretty positive it won’t be me, but if it was, you know EXACTLY what I’d be doing with it!!!!)

    – Mieke Boynton

  • bluetaipan
    bluetaipanover 2 years ago

    WD! If I could go I would, it’s a pity in in vic!

  • Thanks, Kenny!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Ladyshark
    Ladysharkover 2 years ago

    Congrats Mieke – have been way too busy to get there myself :)

  • Thanks, Lori! Heaps of time still – it goes til April 15th. Occasionally I wish I lived nearer to ‘civilisation’… they have some awesome workshops happening!! :)

    – Mieke Boynton

  • I’ve just put some photos up of what they look like in the shops (thanks to Mum!)… just in case you want a squiz!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Andrew Dickman
    Andrew Dickmanover 2 years ago

    Well done – hope it goes well for you:)

  • Thanks, Andy!! Mum has promised to get down there and take some photos of the shop windows for me :) :) :)

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Charles Kosina
    Charles Kosinaover 2 years ago

    We are in Perth in early May. Too late for these unfortunately :(

  • I feel the same way – it’d be so cool to get involved in some of the events they have on offer!!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • George Lenz
    George Lenzover 2 years ago


  • Thanks, George!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Neville Jones
    Neville Jonesover 2 years ago

    Well done Mieke! I am originally from Perth and have observed a real transformation of Fremantle over the years. Foto Freo is such an important step in the evolution of the city. Wish I could squeeze it in. Good luck in the comp. Your entries are beautiful. N.

  • Thanks, Neville!! I confess – I have never been there :( Ever. But I will endeavour to get there next time I visit Perth!! Thanks for the encouragement :) :) :)

    – Mieke Boynton