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Wonderful news!!!... but I need your help!

As you know, I live in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia and have been slowly gathering a collection of photos from the region. I have a market stall every Saturday (where I sell my RB cards, calendars and prints) and there’s a cafe/restaurant in town called The Windmill Cafe whose owners are lovely, and they let me sell my postcards in there.

They are doing so well (I just got a message five minutes ago from the barrista that they won our regional section of the Small Business Awards tonight!!!) that they’ve decided to open a new cafe. The one that they already have is currently being split into a restaurant area and a take-away area, and the new cafe will be strictly a cafe. I had a meeting with the owner today, and she confirmed that they will be opening the new cafe on July 6th, and… wait for it… they would like an entire collection of my Kimberley photos to adorn the walls!!! Yay!!!!!

I will exhibit my photos for about three months, and then they have a (rather famous) local painter lined up for the following three months… and so on. They will organise an Exhibition opening and everything! The framed prints (and cards, yay!) will all be for sale, of course. And if I’m lucky enough to make a sale, they’ll ring me up and I’ll come in and put up a new photo in its place :) :) :)

The fantastic news is that because I’m “first-up”, I get to have my work up for the Cafe opening!!! Whoo hoo!!

So now I have to decide what to put on the walls! They are letting me put up any of my work from the Kimberley. I’ve already ordered these prints:

But I need to order a few more. So that’s where you come in! I know which ones I like (ie. the ones I’ve already ordered!) but I only have one opinion! So I’m asking you to be a potential buyer… Imagine for a moment that you wanted to buy one of my photos (it’s only pretend!!) – Would you put any of these on your walls at home???

1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6.
7. 8. 9.
10. 11.
12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
17. 18. 19. 20. 21.
22. 23. 24.

I really, really, really appreciate your input… It’s just too hard for me to disconnect myself from my own awareness of the imperfections of each!


(just going to head to the kitchen to do another happy dance now! yay!!!)


  • joel Durbridge
    joel Durbridgeover 3 years ago

    That’s awesome news Mieke!!! i like the Boab ones, A vision splendid, Sky tree, and Ablaze.

  • Thanks heaps, Joel :) :)
    I’m over the moon! It might be a very expensive exercise if I don’t sell any though… ;)
    Awesome. I just numbered them, so that’s a vote for 5, 12 and 22 (which I almost deleted last week!!! lol!)

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Adriana Glackin
    Adriana Glackinover 3 years ago

    Wow! Congratulations, firstly, that is wonderful news! I’m so very pleased for you! Secondly, now this is difficult, as your work is superb. For me, my two favourites would have to be:

    and but then maybe I’d also include this one for good measure:

    I’m sure whichever ones you go with, they’ll be terrific additions to the ones you’ve already chosen. I look forward to hearing more about the opening when it happens. :-)

  • Hi Adriana!! Thank you so much for taking the time to pick your favourites. And for the congrats – I still can hardly believe it!! I’ve put numbers on them now, so that’s a vote for 6, 19 and 9. Thanks heaps!!!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Soxy Fleming
    Soxy Flemingover 3 years ago

    all the ones of this tree in colour and b & w

  • Thanks, Soxy. So funny… I almost deleted that photo last week!!!
    I just numbered them, so that’s a second vote for numbers 12 and 22. THANK YOU!!!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Michael Matthews
    Michael Matthewsover 3 years ago

    Great news Mieke!! .. Good on ya!
    My fave is the first on the second row .. with the trees & cloud & amazing blue sky.
    I also love the country road photo with the two trees on the left .. 4th photo on the 4th row.
    Good luck with the sales.

  • Thanks, Michael!! I just numbered them and changed the order!! Lol! Could you please come back and give me the numbers now that they have numbers?? THANK YOU!!!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Number 7 and 15?

    – Mieke Boynton

  • shazart
    shazartover 3 years ago

    Fantastic news & can’t wait to get up there to see them all for real. Have to rest up tonight, but I will fav this & get back to you Mieke. I know we will meet oneday. How lucky was I. My daughter & I flew up to Broome for the long weekend, I was in recovery after a procedure. Just loved the warmth. Hating the freeeezing & wet back in Perth. Our property still not sold, market so flat. Pray for us. Will et back to you I promisex

  • Oh, that’s not good news, Sharry! An operation AND the cold make life pretty miserable. Believe it or not, it’s freezing here too! Mind you, “freezing” for us just means we need to put on a jumper and socks… Lol! Wishing you a speedy recovery and a nice warm heater. I will keep you and your family in my prayers, for sure :) :) :)

    – Mieke Boynton

  • shazart
    shazartover 3 years ago

    They are numbered I see so getting back to you now. Hard to choose but fav’s are 6, 13, 14, 22

  • Thank you!!! That’s hilarious by the way… Number 22 is now in the lead for votes, and I was seriously going to remove it from RB last week coz I don’t like it at all! LOL! Thanks so much. Get well soon. And I hope the right person/family comes along and falls in love with your house too :) :) :)

    – Mieke Boynton

  • John Conway
    John Conwayover 3 years ago

    6, 16, 20, 22… for starters Mieke

    and “goodonya!!”


  • Thanks, John! Lol! Another vote for 22 ~ lucky I didn’t delete it!!
    and “yay!!!!”

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Michael Howard
    Michael Howardover 3 years ago

    Hmmm, well 5, 6, 12, 16, 20, 22 is my pick for now.
    Well done & congrats! :)

  • That’s a lot of picks!!! Lol! Thanks, Mick :) :) :)
    And thanks for the congrats too… I hope I sell a couple or this’ll be a very expensive learning exercise!!!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Bluesrose
    Bluesroseover 3 years ago

    My choice would be #1 / Fisherman, but as you have chosen colour photos, then my second choice would be #7

    But of course they all are beautiful!
    Good luck! :)

  • My choices are actually #1 / Fisherman, #4 / Only and # 12 / Sky Tree… but I wanted to get other opinions. So I’m thrilled that you voted for #1!!! :) :) :)
    Thanks heaps, Maris. I really appreciate your input!!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • pennyswork
    pennysworkover 3 years ago

    Hi Mieke – congrats on your sucess – very well deserved – I hope it all goes well. My votes are for 5,6,7,11.15, 21 and 22.
    Now I guess you’re really confused. Cheers, Penny :))

  • LOL!!!!!!!!
    But in a very nice way :) :) :)
    Thanks heaps, Penny. I really appreciate your opinion. It really does make me laugh though… the one almost everyone has included is my least favourite! (number 22) Lol!!!

    – Mieke Boynton