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IPW Indonesia - Day 7 - Love Hill (Labuan Bajo) - Sukarara Village and Senggigi Beach (Lombok)

By this stage of my adventure, it was clear that Landscape Photographers were outnumbered. Actually, that’s an understatement. Of the entire group of 46 people (counting the invited photography delegates, the organisers and the photographers’ guests who were mostly also photographers), there were only three of us who identified ourselves specifically as Landscape Photographers. The first was our fearless and carefree tour leader Rizal Amir, the second was the friendly seascape-fanatic Wesley Law and the third was yours truly.

On the evening of Day 6, Rizal and Wesley had a chat to some local photographers while we were staying at the hotel in Labuan Bajo, and these generous locals offered them a ride to one of their favourite places for a dawn shoot.

Being the gentlemen that they are, they asked if I wanted to come.

Duh!! Hello? Is the Pope Catholic?

:) Thanks guys!!

So it was another early morning. And although it was overcast and not particularly spectacular, the name of our location made up for it! Bukit Cinta… or translated, “Love Hill”.

Awwww… how sweet!

Terima kasih!!! to the locals who took us there! (Whose names I didn’t write down and now can’t remember!! I’m so sorry!!)

We arrived back at the hotel in time to scoff a little bit of breakfast before piling into the buses to drive to the airport.

(Labuan Bajo Airport)

We flew to Denpasar…

…and then to Lombok, where we again boarded buses and drove to Pendopo. Once again, we were welcomed with song and dance and feasting, this time by the Regent of Central Lombok and some spectacularly costumed dancers.

Then we were transported to Sukarara Village where we were able to see Batik painting, weaving and other textile-making. It was clearly set up specifically for tourists to observe… and it was fascinating. I did have a quiet conversation to one of the weavers though, and wow… they work hard. I wouldn’t want to sit in that position for eight hours a day, that’s for sure…

Then it was time to go to our hotel – the Holiday Resort Lombok on Sengiggi Beach – which was very fancy!!

I could have taken photos of traditional dancers/fighters performing “Presean” (stick fighting) on the beach in front of the hotel at sunset, but I was in need of a bit of landscape time, so I opted to power-walk down the beach with Rizal to a rocky area where there was some nice wave motion.

There was about as much colour in the sunset as there had been at sunrise (ie. virtually none!) but it was beautiful nonetheless!!

And that would have been it for the day….

…except that our seemingly-inexhaustible organiser Agatha had arranged a seminar at the hotel for the following evening for a large group of local photographers, with presentations by the two Invited Speakers (Reha from Turkey and Jack from the USA)… and she also asked Wesley and I whether we’d like to give a short presentation of our work! What an honour! I wasn’t about to turn down that opportunity!

Unfortunately, I had made the decision not to take a hard drive and therefore I had none of my files with me. So I spent hours painstakingly taking screenshots of my photos from the web, creating photoshop files with them, and then pasting them into a powerpoint presentation! I collapsed into bed shortly after 1am and set my alarm for a few hours later to head back down to the beach for sunrise.

If I had’ve known how jam-packed the next day was going to be, there is no way I would have got up so early for sunrise. Day 8 was a HUGE day!

So anyway, that was Day 7 (of 10).

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Thank you very much to everyone who has been following along with these journals. If it weren’t for your enthusiastic support, I would have given up my original plan long ago, and combined them all into one big journal and only included a few of the stories/photos from each day! I really appreciate your wonderful comments… it makes the late nights well worth it!!

Terima kasih banyak!

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