Sharing a recent RB discovery...

I’ve always been a bit concerned by the fact that to purchase my work in different print types (ie. canvas prints or framed prints), customers have to first click on the “Prints” button in order to see these options. I have a suspicion that people don’t think “canvas” or “framed” when they see the word “prints.” I certainly don’t.

Anyway, I just discovered that if you hide a couple of options when you set your prices (eg. “poster” and “matted prints”), the options display nicely underneath your photo so people can see them all (at least on a desktop. Not sure what they do on a mobile device!)

Just thought there might be a few of you who’d appreciate knowing this.

Over the next week or so, I’m going to be removing these two options on ALL my RB photos (I’ve only ever sold two matted prints and I’ve never sold a poster so they’re the two that are going to go). I’m also going to be reducing a few prices, so if you’ve ever thought about purchasing my work but have been a bit concerned about the price, it might be worth checking my prices again next week….

:) :) :)

Have an awesome week everyone!


  • Beth  Wode
    Beth Wodealmost 2 years ago

    Mieke, thanks for letting us know.. I am going to change all mine too.

  • My pleasure, Beth!
    I know it’ll take a while, but I think it’s time I do a “cull” aswell – I have way too many photos on here!!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Ben Loveday
    Ben Lovedayalmost 2 years ago

    Nice idea, but recently I sold two posters! Thanks Mieke.

  • Awesome!! Congrats, Ben!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Wendi Donaldson
    Wendi Donaldsonalmost 2 years ago

    Cool tip….thanks m’dear! :)

  • No worries, Wendi!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • pennyswork
    pennysworkalmost 2 years ago

    Thanks for this Mieke – a cull is definitely on the cards for me too – waaay too many images Lol! :))

  • Yep!! I think I’m going to have to just start at the most recent and work back to the oldest :)

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Kevin McGennan
    Kevin McGennanalmost 2 years ago

    That’s interesting Mieke. You might also be interested in my recent discovery: there is a character limit of about 33 for cards. Beyond this limit the caption on the card becomes a series of dots. There is no such limit for prints and images appearing on calendars.

  • Thanks, Kevin. Yes, I was aware of the character limit with cards, as I order a lot of them to sell at the market. Most of my titles are now as short as possible!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Garth Smith
    Garth Smithalmost 2 years ago

    Hey thats cool Mieke, thank you very much.

  • No worries, Garth! Hope you’re well and happy :) :) :)

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Donovan wilson
    Donovan wilsonalmost 2 years ago

    Thanks Milkie for the information I might try that .I have been putting my prices up to 100 % as I was finding the difference that is Red Bubble being cheaper than my gallery prices was some times causing problems.

  • Milkie!!??? You mean Meekah, right? Lol!!
    I did the same thing as soon as I had my work available in a cafe… but I put it up to 120% for canvas print / framed print and 200% for photographic prints. I think that’s a bit much now, so I’m lowering it a bit. My cards are all at 55% but the other products vary depending on my opinion of their worth ;)

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Jen Davies
    Jen Daviesalmost 2 years ago

    Thanks for this, changing mine too! :) It really does look better! :)

  • No problem, Jen!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Nicole  McKinney
    Nicole McKinneyalmost 2 years ago

    Hmmm, I see what you mean. Rather nice tip, thanks!

  • Pleasure! :)

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Elaine Teague
    Elaine Teaguealmost 2 years ago

    That’s an interesting bit of info Mieke and it certainly does look better like that under the image. As I’ve only ever sold one poster and one matted print I will gradually do the same thing. As for the pricing aspect, I have actually been putting my prices up by 70% and 80% for cards as I’m fed up with getting a few piddling cents for a card which is mostly what I sell these days. Might as well sell less I thought and get a couple of dollars for each one. Well, I have this week sold 3 cards all at the new price. Yay! Are you sure you should be reducing your prices?

  • I sort of like that my cards are inexpensive… but I currently have many of my canvas/framed prints marked up at 120% and my photographic prints at 200%…and yes, I think that’s too much!!
    It’s going to take a while to change everything, but a good “spring clean” is in order anyway!!
    Lovely to see your smiling face again, Elaine :) And congrats on the sales!!

    – Mieke Boynton