Fagus Week: I'm on a mission!

In 27 sleeps, I get on a plane to Tassie for the very exciting Fagus Week Workshop near Cradle Mountain. I have been slowly getting myself organised… shopping online for thermals (none for sale up here!!!), toying with the idea of buying a new lens (no one seems to have it in stock though), daydreaming about the awesome scenery I’m going to see, and, of course, getting very excited about meeting fellow Bubblers whose work I have been admiring since I first joined this website in 2009!!

On Tuesday evening, I bumped into a friend of mine down at the beach. She was running… I had my camera in hand. We both agreed that we should probably occasionally do what the other was doing. So on Wednesday evening, I left the camera at home and headed to the beach with Banjo for a jog.

Actually, that’s not true. I went there for a run… but it ended up a jog.

The cold, hard (or rather hot, sweaty) truth is that somewhere along the line, I’ve gone from being an impressive demonstration of athleticism (see here) to plain UNFIT.

So, I am now on a mission. I have 27 days to get myself into some semblance of fitness so that I can keep up with Rob Mullner. I know it’s not necessary – Mark has assured me that there are walks for EVERYONE, so I know that if it all comes to nothing, I’ll still be one happy chappy, but still…. it’s good to have a mission.

So. Game on. :)

Oh, and in case you hadn’t heard about the awesomeness that will be Fagus Week 2013, THERE ARE STILL PLACES AVAILABLE! I’m not sure about the whole week, but send Mark (Tinnieopener) a bubblemail and ask. I’m getting there a bit early. It really begins on Sunday, April 21st, but my mum and I are doing a bit of travel together before the week officially kicks off. I really can’t wait to meet those who are coming – so far I know that I’ll be joining Tinnieopener, ClaireBear, Rob Mullner, David Murphy, Rosie Appleton, Garth Smith, Mel Brackstone and skot, Mark Shean, Warren Patten, Julie White, Ian Berry, Kenny, Sharon Kavanagh, Kylie Reid, Kylie Sheahen, Donovan Wilson, Stephanie Johnson, Tony Crehan, Brett Chatwin, Dave Callaway, Nick Skinner, Penny and Elaine Teague… have I missed anyone??

Bring on the Fagus!!!

Here’s a teaser – the latest photo from Mister Tinnieopener himself…

Lead Up to Fagus Week 2013
by tinnieopener


  • Warren  Patten
    Warren Pattenover 1 year ago

    Nice work Mieke,might have to get the pushbike out & do a few laps around the block.lol.Sharon,Julie & I will be arriving on the 20th & will be ready for an afternoon shoot.Look forward to meeting everyone..cheers Mieke.

  • Awesome! Let’s hope for a beautiful afternoon and a glorious sunset :)

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Matt Penfold
    Matt Penfoldover 1 year ago

    Wish I could join you Mieke, I reckon you’ll have a fabulous time :)

  • Wish you could join us too, Matt :(

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Ben Loveday
    Ben Lovedayover 1 year ago

    Very exciting, wish I could be there- next year?

  • That’d be fantastc, Ben! It’d be so great to meet you… I’m hoping this will be the first of many Fagus trips for me… :)

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Matt Penfold
    Matt Penfoldover 1 year ago

    Wow, that’s a pretty impressive rowing career, I’m not surprised by the “Highest gpa of any female student-athlete at Sacramento State for the second-consecutive year” :)

  • Ummm… I was on a mission then too :) :) :)

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Gary Kelly
    Gary Kellyover 1 year ago

    I read a lot of comments on the Grey Nomads forum about Tassie and what a fabulous place it is for sightseeing. I’ll go by ferry and take the camper when I’d down that way. One way – take my time for a couple of months – one way back. As to fitness, yeah. I’ll think about it. No rush.

  • Lol! A couple of months in Tassie sounds ideal… maybe you can plan to be in the Cradle Mountain area in April next year and I can finally meet you!?!?!?!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • rjcolby
    rjcolbyover 1 year ago

    A fun read Mieke, and be sure dropping from running to jogging is not a bad as it can get. I walk… ;) Glad you had the chance to see a little of America, and never stray far from the water…
    A trip to Tassie would be a real treat… Maybe someday. :)

  • Thanks, Dick. Yes, walking’s what I usually do too. Hence my current predicament! I was very fortunate to spend four years in the USA and visit places like Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon and Boston. I’d love to go back again :) Maybe someday.

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Donovan wilson
    Donovan wilsonover 1 year ago

    I think your problem is there are no hills in Broom and tassy is full of them Ha ha will be good to Meet you.

  • Oi!! I have 27 days still!! Ha ha ha!! Yeah, I’ll make sure I pack that ibuprofen… ;)
    Still, a few quiet bevvies at the end of the day takes the brunt of the aches away… I reckon I’ll be alright.

    Looking forward to meeting you too, Donovan!

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Charles Kosina
    Charles Kosinaover 1 year ago

    You will have a ball down there Mieke. I would love to come as well but my travels are all booked out for the year :( And what’s this nonsense about thermals? Tassie in April is not that cold. But then you have it over 30 every day so below 10 may come as a bit of a shock :)
    And speaking of fitness, since I got back from Whitler 2 weeks ago it has been too hot for any decent exercise. But yesterday was a cool day so I did a leisurely trip of 20 km on my bike. And I was exhausted! Ah well, back to the exercise regime.

  • If you pushed yourself a little (like I did) you might end up suffering a little (like I am)!!! My calves are so sore!! I probably should’ve worn shoes… ;)

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Hans Kawitzki
    Hans Kawitzkiover 1 year ago

    Have fun Mieke and make sure you pack a jumper or two :)

  • I will, Hans! In fact, I will probably take my ski jacket… just to make sure :)

    – Mieke Boynton

  • Charles Kosina
    Charles Kosinaover 1 year ago

    You have probably looked at this but this is the sort of weather you might have. http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/averages/tables/c...
    Are you in Melbourne for a few milliseconds on your way to meet up?

  • Not sure yet, Charles. Will let you know.
    Mean min 5.4deg; mean max 13.6, hey? Brrrrrrr… we start looking for warm clothes when it gets below 25!!!

    – Mieke Boynton