My name is pronounced “Meeka” and I live in Broome, a beautiful coastal town in the remote and rugged Kimberley region of Western Australia. I specialise in landscape photography and I feel strongly about portraying the land as it is… not as I imagine it to be.

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Landscape Photography and the Art of Listening


Copyrighted material. The images published here do not belong to the public domain. Copying, altering, or redistributing any of these images without permission is absolutely prohibited.

Recent Awards:

- WAPF Canon “ClickWest” Awards – 2nd place Portfolio

- WAPF Canon “ClickWest” Awards – 2nd place Landscape
- WAPF Canon “ClickWest” Awards – 2nd place Portrait

- FIAP Gold Medal – “3rd Danubius International Photographic Art Salon” (Romania)
- GLPA Gold Medal (Best Landscape) – Greater Lynn International Exhibition 2015 (USA)
- Salon Gold Medal – 2nd Int’l Salon “Montenegro Grand Prix 2015” (Montenegro)
- DPA Gold Medal – “DPW Three Country Grand Circuit 2015” (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
- PSA Silver Medal – German International DVF Photocup 2015 (Germany)
- FIAP Bronze Medal – “Green Eye” Exhibition 2015 (Hungary)

- FIAP Gold Medal – “Green Eye” Exhibition 2015 (Hungary)
- FIAP Gold Medal – Trierenberg Super Circuit 2014 (Austria)
- FIAP Gold Medal – Circuit “8 Marzo Fotografia” 2014 (Italy)
- Gold Medal – Exhibition of Photography “Child 2014” (Serbia)
- Gold Medal – 3rd Western Liguria International Circuit 2014 – Trofeo Ranzi di Pietra Ligure (Italy)
- Gold Medal – Circuit Exhibition Of Photography Zajecar 2014 (Serbia)
- Silver Medal – 1st Malinik Exhibition 2014 (Serbia)
- Juror Diploma – 6th International Digital Photo Award 2014 “Man and Nature” (Austria)

Tree of Life
- PSA Gold Medal (Best of Show) – 11th German Mega Circuit 2014 – 10th Main Spessart International (Germany)
- Kimberley Photographic Awards 2015 – Creative section Winner
- Salon Bronze Medal – “DPW Three Country Grand Circuit 2015” (Montenegro)

- PSA Gold Medal – Salon “Singidunum” 2015 (Serbia)

Batik Painter
- FIAF/ISF Silver Medal – 8 Marzo Fotografia 2015 – 3 Trofeo Francesco Mochi (Italy)

It Takes One to Know One
- Gold Medal – International Salon of Photography “Smederevo” 2014 (Serbia)

  • Joined: October 2009


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I made a website:

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