I’m a Landscape Photographer in Broome, a coastal town in the remote and ruggedly beautiful Kimberley region of Western Australia. Photography is my passion and I love spending time in vast, open, uninhabited places… usually accompanied by my crazy dog Banjo.

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To contact me, please email miekeboynton(at)hotmail.com
My work can also be found on Facebook: www.facebook.com/MiekeBoyntonPhotography
and on my website:


Copyrighted material. The images published here do not belong to the public domain. Copying, altering, or redistributing any of these images without permission is absolutely prohibited.

Recent Awards:

- WAPF Canon “ClickWest” Awards – 2nd place Portfolio

- WAPF Canon “ClickWest” Awards – 2nd place Landscape
- WAPF Canon “ClickWest” Awards – 2nd place Portrait

- FIAP Gold Medal – “3rd Danubius International Photographic Art Salon” (Romania)
- GLPA Gold Medal (Best Landscape) – Greater Lynn International Exhibition 2015 (USA)
- Salon Gold Medal – 2nd Int’l Salon “Montenegro Grand Prix 2015” (Montenegro)
- DPA Gold Medal – “DPW Three Country Grand Circuit 2015” (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
- PSA Silver Medal – German International DVF Photocup 2015 (Germany)
- FIAP Bronze Medal – “Green Eye” Exhibition 2015 (Hungary)

- FIAP Gold Medal – “Green Eye” Exhibition 2015 (Hungary)
- FIAP Gold Medal – Trierenberg Super Circuit 2014 (Austria)
- FIAP Gold Medal – Circuit “8 Marzo Fotografia” 2014 (Italy)
- Gold Medal – Exhibition of Photography “Child 2014” (Serbia)
- Gold Medal – 3rd Western Liguria International Circuit 2014 – Trofeo Ranzi di Pietra Ligure (Italy)
- Gold Medal – Circuit Exhibition Of Photography Zajecar 2014 (Serbia)
- Silver Medal – 1st Malinik Exhibition 2014 (Serbia)
- Juror Diploma – 6th International Digital Photo Award 2014 “Man and Nature” (Austria)

Tree of Life
- PSA Gold Medal (Best of Show) – 11th German Mega Circuit 2014 – 10th Main Spessart International (Germany)
- Salon Bronze Medal – “DPW Three Country Grand Circuit 2015” (Montenegro)

- PSA Gold Medal – Salon “Singidunum” 2015 (Serbia)

Batik Painter
- FIAF/ISF Silver Medal – 8 Marzo Fotografia 2015 – 3 Trofeo Francesco Mochi (Italy)

It Takes One to Know One
- Gold Medal – International Salon of Photography “Smederevo” 2014 (Serbia)

  • Joined: October 2009


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