daddy don’t cry

18 years old and her wrists are bleedin’

“I’ve done a bad thing,” she whispered. “A bad thing.”

13th and rodarte

“You can reveal amazing things about yourself without saying them directly.”

Letting Go of 13th and Rodart – Part I

It’s not going to last anyways, so I cave in. “Fine. I’ll tell you. But don’t feel bad about leaving when you don’t want to hear anymore.”

the liberation from cinnamon swirls and arcade ed…

lightning blades strike a chord / jarring against my nerves / and air is whisked away / far out of my reach

its fluttering inside me

a fatal spark at the tip of dynamite

i fucking dare you

i’m steel, but not stainless / i have so many stains that you have yet to see

the last serenade

Panic erupted through my veins and my steady heartbeat, that had just a second ago been a steady bass beat, had now become sporadic, clashi…

the hatred of the truth was her taproot to jealou…

she was always jealous of the way i loved him. / he was the bloody, smeared end of the day, the prelude to the dark. / and she, she was t…

it stings like alcohol on blood

all the stuff you said about love / its bullshit

sorry about that


you broke so many hearts

why did you have to take that drink and take those pills and shoot that crack?

if you’re reading this, i’ve trusted …

i cant love again. / i cant. / i cant. / i’m scared.
roadside graffiti by midnightramen i guess he doesnt know what to look for by midnightramen throw dirt on me and grow a wildflower by midnightramen the acoustics of charcoal rain by midnightramen

it helps to know hes an egotistical asshole now

something or someone to change for.

the acoustics of charcoal rain

Walking down the crowded, grimy streets I am always surrounded by people, chattering in their sharp language but usually not saying anythin…

he had a cherry coke and fritos for dinner that n…

i woke before my eyes opened, the taste of blood and shredded flesh an astringent on my tongue.

they are all the same

Sometimes they fight back. Sometimes they don’t. / Sometimes they throw glass at walls, scream at us, but shrivel in fear of the voices inf…

you fly on mangled wings

lie / thinking / _theres no possibility i might wake up / to the fresh eternal silence of / my brother / my dad, / theres no possibility i…

smoke curls and firekoi

i speak the language of paper boats / while koi swim through the depths / of the negative spaces / gnawing at my soul

my subconscious tells me…

i am / the fragments of a feather / the hope in the links of a child’s charm bracelet / the dust falling on a city, the dust of a th…

my favorite liar

you taught me to cry

we threw embers into the sky

and watched the stars collide / the night caught fire in shades of spilled blood and wine

“like a bullet through a flock of dovesR…

i can smell the despair, / residue of failed attempts / but i know / i will do better than that

i wish you’d remember what i cant forget

when we drank the sunshine / and devoured the music / intoxicated with the exhilaration of delayed gratification

hazelnuts and paper stars

you werent who i thought you were / and neither was i

“i woke up in a dream today”

intertwining with the anger and fear, the trickle of sunset colored fish scales / and the hum of skeletal hummingbirds / and a whip of pain…

i built you a coffin and filled it with paper cra…

the silk is soft, smooth / against my small feet / and the stars and cranes / collapse under me / and the dust fill my lungs / the ashes cl…

lemon meringue tie

i blinded myself / with a blunt blade / and a dark mask / and hid from myself / and what i had done

i would have built a ship for you

to sail to that place i know you dream of / because i dreamed of it too

tasting ice adrenaline

dragged under / in that undersea hurricane / breathing in the chaos / and anything thats left

you broke my shields in an instant

i might have well been tasered

i have half the key

you know, that place / where you lock up your / memories, lock them behind bars / so they dont escape / in your weakness.

i found summer in your eyes

and winter in your heart

it rained orange and silver fish scales that day

this was what lay behind closed eyelids / that summer

when you read this try to imagine me screaming in…

because you were my security / because you were my drug

“and we’ll pray that there’s no…

i spent so many tear sodden nights / building this plan / i wish i had the strength to follow through

inventive lanugage of 1:59 am

under the mercury fireflies / they are waiting

why did it take so long to see?

i didnt know / better

crashing, collapsing, against the dripping deliri…

against my slice of forever

they all lasted the night

so why wont you let me go?

inventive lanugage of 2 am

uncontainabe, serpentine resistance / faded grey fear, floating in september, the lazy afternoons of shy December’s sun / the black p…

the way chopin did

i would paint myself a river / into black oblivion

in your dreams too

i will lose the race

what you cant imagine

i cant know where to go if i dont know where i’m leaving from

a childs eye in the hurricane

i’ve waited so long to hear the storm break

the wishful thinking of a pessimist

we can wait for redemption / and smooth the ripples in the water

last night i remembered

i read your letter / again and again / and again

p a p e r b o a t

to the edge of eternity / i sailed

liquid charcoal

here, honesty is asking for reform / liquid charcoal / r a i n s . . .

be my sun

drizzle me in / your shining light

all the others

to hope for something beautiful

for what its worth

only you

within myself

a force against / you


when i dont deserve it


the rush / the speed / the music / almost

to the edge

i cant give you anything / close / to what i dream of / reshaped, reknotted, reconfigured

i honestly wish

i cant let you / nor can i say why i am the way i am / in the spilled sky, / a star

giving away goodbyes

this is the hardest part of every year

my own medusa

i cant just watch you rot away / i am my own medusa

one by one

i never told you about the plan / and i loosen the chains a little more / i am only one

right through me

i lied to myself / you saw right through me
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